Wednesday, February 12, 2020


The latest addition to Stana’s shoe wardrobe
The latest addition to Stana’s wardrobe
“A study conducted by The College of Podiatry revealed that it takes an average of 1 hour, 6 minutes and 48 seconds for high heel wearers to start feeling foot pain.

“And one in five women (20%) say they start feeling pain within just 10 minutes.”

Abby at Vivian Lou passed along that painful news, but she also offered some assistance.

Strengthen and stretch feet with a few simple exercises

Make sure you are wearing the right size shoe (88% of women routinely wear shoes that are too small)

Use Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles

Problem with the second suggestion is that shoe sizes are all over the map. You may think you are buying the right size shoe only to learn that the shoe manufacturer had something else in mind. I personally own shoes in five different sizes that fit!

Regarding the last suggestion, I use Insolia insoles. They are different from other inserts I have tried (and discarded). Instead of adding padding to the shoe, which is basically what many other shoe inserts do, “Insolia Inserts shift weight off of the ball of the foot back to the heel by placing the foot in the optimal position for high heels.”

As a result, high heels are comfortable longer than they would be sans the inserts. They really work and since that time, I automatically buy a new pair of Insolia inserts whenever I buy a new pair of high heels.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

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  1. Ah, the roulette of shoe sizes and yet they all use the same numbers. :-)

    As a guy, I find it odd that vendors don't offer a size range for their customers. Are women with small or large feet meant to go without? :-)

    1. Wifes shoe size is 5-1/2; my womens shoe size is 13&14. Both are on opposite sides of the shoe production 'bell curve'. Low demand and yet the same production/tooling costs as common sizes, means seldom produced.
      I check out ( actually two sites in one: Mega and Encore) frequently. Plenty of markdowns, and large sizes and free shipping with a $50.00 purchase, and returns are taken in all their stores,no questions asked; 'homme' or 'femme' welcomed and respected. ALSO, they will ship your package to any store instead of your home, if THAT is a problem....

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