Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Guilt-Free Guilty Pleasure

Couples going out with both the male and female
dressed en femme is becoming more common
In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that womanless beauty pageants have increased in quantity in recent years. I could attribute that to the popularity of this blog, but I won’t! 😁

But I do attribute the increased occurrences of womanless pageants to the increased popularity of crossdressing.

Fifty years ago, when I was squeezing into my mother’s panty girdle, I had no idea why I was doing it except (1) that I liked it and (2) I better keep it to myself because I might get run out of town on a rail if it got around that I was dressing pretty.

Today, crossdressers, drag artists and transwomen are in the news and the media like never before. And the Internet is awash with crossdressing. As a result, crossdressing has become more acceptable and except in some political and so-called “Christian” circles, crossdressing is no longer an abomination. Rather, it has become a guilty pleasure without the guilt to be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes you.

So-inclined males see crossdressing everywhere and feel encouraged to try it themselves. I don’t have to tell you that once you dress pretty, you never want to dress any other way if you can help it.

Never before have so many males been so open about crossdressing... especially young males. They crossdress with great abandon and don’t care who knows it. And that encourages other males who may have been on the cusp, to try it themselves. And on and on and on.

And the popularity of womanless pageants is a by-product of the acceptance and popularity of crossdressing.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Danny La Rue
Professional femulator Danny La Rue, circa 1965


  1. Every time any one of us has a successful outing it makes it easier for the next person to have a successful out and to call up the courage to get out of the house while dressed.
    Also many of us have wives who are concerned with our dressing. They may think that getting out and about will reflect poorly on them or that a CD husband out and about is in danger. If your wife meets me out and about and seems that I am accepted and apparently having a good time she may become more accepting of you getting out and about (or vice versa).

  2. The photo of the 'couple in black' reminds me of a recent venture of Wife and I, both dressed in black sweater knit dresses...... for our weekly venture 'out' to the local sushi restaurant....
    Velma and Wife, both age 66.
    P.S. She LOVES me dressed as a woman.... more later...

  3. Yeah, that panty girdle.., gorgeous, white, with a satin covered front panel and satin bottom. I have never seen any satin bottom panels like it since. I would imagine such garments are often our 'gateway drug'.
    Often, such closely fitting control garments have the same calming/focusing qualities of the recently announced 'weighted blankets', which are now used as a calming device from emotional upset.

  4. Things are much mre relaxed than they were fifty years ago
    In some States and countries impersonating a woman was illegal then
    Just walking down the street dressed could end up with a trip to jail

    One advantage of womanless pageants etc is that some one can see what it's like to dress and decide if they want to do it again

  5. Getting out in the daylight hours is always a challenge AND more of s thrill -- especially in a group! My wife and I, along with a few friends, enjoyed a brunch a while back . . .

  6. Thank you, dear, for listing Aunty's flickr group to see over 32,000 pictures of Wonderfully Womanless WoMEN Beauty Pageants. Any of your readers who are flickr members and who would like to join should just go to
    You are right that the number of womanless pageants seem to be increasing all over the country, not only in the South where they had predominated for decades. It's nice to see so many young'uns get the chance to frock up without shame, and maybe some of them will become lifelong femulators!

  7. It is almost to the point, not quite, but almost, that when women get all dolled up in ultra femme finery that they are cressdressing. They are dressing as crossdressed men. Who would have thought that the "backwardization" (new word alert) of clothing would be happening this fast. Seems like it's right out of Fictionmania.
    And so it goes. (A stolen line from Stana and her lovely blog.)
    Angel Amore

  8. Yes cross dressing is no longer the big taboo it once was.

    I follow the crossdressing sub on reditt which is filled with millennials. Half of them have girl friends who help them, and many of them are out to friends. I am amazed at the sheer number of them. There are more of us then one thinks

  9. AnonymousMay 07, 2020

    I always wondered why - whenever I've been completely gussied-up from top to bottom - I should feel bad about something that feels so good?
    The first time I managed it was a revelation to me. I felt like "me" for the first time in my life.

  10. I love this picture -Couples going out with both the male and female .
    dressed en femme is becoming more common ._ I hope so !
    Rica Seas -尺丨匚卂 丂乇卂丂