Saturday, February 22, 2020

Gender Is Over

“When people call me a girl or misgender me I don’t really care. To me, gender is over. Gender is so last year.”

That is a snippet from an excellent article written by a 13-year-old named C.J. I think is a perfect piece to conclude the previous three posts and I thank Velma for alerting me to the article. Without further adieu, I invite you to read what C.J. had to say here.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

At a recent womanless beauty pageant, I’m guessing that’s Mom in the middle, her son on the right and his friend on the left.


  1. C.J. is an awesome kid! And mm and dad and brother are wonderfully supportive! I'm so happy for them

  2. It seems to me that whoever influenced them to believe that gender is a non issue in our society is living in their own fantasy world. Young people are usually easily influenced by our world around them which include people in their sphere with their own Bias and Prejudices. History has shown that we need to teach our children how to look at issues with the proper current perspective. Beliefs left unchecked/unchallenged can become a breeding ground that a charismatic leader can possibly use to control people/societies in to believing their form of government is the only way to go enabling them to govern in a dictatorial way which also includes them crushing all opposition voices. Hopefully in the near future C.J. will consider all possible perspectives and realize that gender does matter at this time in our society to a certain extent. Maybe someday it may become a non issue but at this time it still is.

    1. If you had actually read (subscribed) to the entire blog, you would have realized that CJ is the real deal. No one influences him. He is his own person [sic]. Contents of that blog are written by CJ on his own behalf. Additional commentary was written by his mother, in here own person, as first person observer.
      History has shown that persons lacking rules of CRITICAL THINKING fall for just about any charismatic coming down the pike.
      As far as misguided charismatic leaders go, where have you been? The sheeple are dutifully following one leader in particular in a goose-step style lockstep over an existential cliff.....
      "When everyone is thinking the same, nobody is really thinking". attributions to B.Franklin/ G.Patton
      me thinks you are not part of this community....

  3. For those persons who did not read one of the first readers comments in CJ's most recent post, I offer the link below.
    The link certainly speaks of "the BAD ol'. days".
    The comment appears to be the very first one posted on February 20,2020 6:03 am by V.J. Knutson
    In many subtle ways, 'those days' seem to be returning.