Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Grocery Shopping

As a housewife, there are some chores I enjoy doing, some I am ambivalent about and some that I do not enjoy. At the top of my list of chores I dislike is grocery shopping, mainly because it is time-consuming – it basically kills a whole morning.

The only times I did not mind grocery shopping is when I shopped en femme. On those occasions, I was doing something else en femme and had to make a side trip for groceries.

For example, on one occasion, after attending a conference, I promised to pick up a few things on the way home.

During 15 minutes of going up and down the aisles of Stop & Shop, I noticed three or four guys checking me out, but no one else paid much attention to me until I queued up to check out. After I emptied my shopping cart onto the conveyor belt, I noticed the woman ahead of me look down at my shoes, a pair of nude pumps with 4-inch heels. Then she looked at me and remarked, “You are a brave woman to wear those heels to go grocery shopping!”

An episode like that puts grocery shopping in a new light! Perhaps, I should always go grocery shopping en femme.

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Wearing JustFab

Patriotic chorus girl femulators in the 1943 film This Is the Army.
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  1. As I am also the only cook (and damn good at it!)in our house, it seems only fair that I shop for groceries 'enfemme'....
    And so last week, I did!
    One advantage of grocery shopping 'enfemme' is holding onto the cart will give you a steadier, more fancy walk gait, depending on the height of your heels!
    At the checkout, I deliberately chose our regular clerk. She did not recognize me!
    Velma 06:09Z 02/11/2020

  2. Almost all things go better with femulating. When I do things around the house it is always much more palatable and tolerable when I am dressed. This includes cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, etc. I am almost always dressed when doing the above. Often I will be mostly dressed in hose, heels, dress or skirt/top. Sometimes I will be fully made up and wearing a wig. Pushing the vacuum in pumps and a shirtdress seems to fit with my inner persona.

  3. Why not? If it makes your trip less of a chore and more enjoyable, there is no reason not to!

  4. Back in my "not full time employed" days, I'd get all dressed up (enough to put Donna Reed to shame) and then start with housework.
    I also found that hose and heels go unnoticed at the grocery store if you're there over the lunch hour or after 5. Folks assume you are doing the chore on your lunch break or on your way home from the office.

  5. Keeping things "polished soft neutral" as I do, I know I have been checked out/cruised by butch women which is a good feeling

  6. I shop for me as me; it's always better to try on clothes before spending, but I do admit to on-line shopping Occasionally I'll go into my local supermarket to buy necessities but for the big shop no;

    On a different subject, hoping that Stana reads all the comments, what was the trigger, that started it all. Our dressing up box had a mix of clothes and I would gravitate to girls and women's things, but for me THE TRIGGER was an article in the British "Picture Post" in 1953 about Britain's first TG (at least in the public view, Roberta Cowell. It wad at this point that I knew boys could really be girls.

    I can't add a picture, so if Stana will we might hear of other girl's triggers.

  7. Claire loves to go grocery shopping! At least two reasons. One is that Claire is more patient, and more given to just looking around and following her femme instincts, and Sue finds that much more fun and satisfying (yes, the girls grocery shop together). The second reason is I just identify with the other ladies who are shopping. Smiling, talking about new items we haven't tried (or old ones we have) is just so satisfying. And our checkout girlfriends seem more comfortable (and chatty) with Claire than my guy side.

  8. Come on! Stana is the only woman in the grocery store that represents what a woman was. Dressed up with heels was the way to shop and sure shopping after 5 shows you as the business woman stopping to grab items for dinner. Today these woman look like slobs and do not care about their looks anymore and sweats and running shies are the norm. But come on gurls, I love being a woman and feeling like a sexy woman with heels and a skirt with stockings. I sure dont feel that way dressed like a slob or coming back from the gym. Right?


  9. Stana, traffic has increased due to growth in Femulators. More gurls are coming out en femme based on your motivation

  10. I do virtually all of my grocery shopping while presenting as a woman. Most people are so busy looking for what they want that they pay very little attention to other people. You can be "dressed up" as if you are just going or coming from a dressy event. You can dress casually as well. If you are not comfortable checking out with a live person you can use the self-checkout line.