Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Good Fit

JustFab had a clearance sale last week and I ordered a pair of shoes and a dress.

The shoes were a pair I had seen weeks ago, but did not purchase because I assumed they would eventually go on sale. The dress was an afterthought – I intended to only to buy the shoes, but was tempted by the ridiculously low prices of the dresses on sale. (With a credit I had, the shoes and dress only cost me $13.15 out of pocket.)

Sophie Peep Toe Pump is nude with black ankle straps and 3.5” heels. Made of faux leather/suede, the buckle on each ankle strap has a cute little gold padlock.

Button Front Sweater Dress is striped with a V-neck made of rib knit fabric. It is a midi with a buttoned front and belted waist closure. It clings to the body and shows off every curve – at least that was how the dress looked on the model.

I placed my order last Monday and had low expectations on its delivery – JustFab has been notoriously slow in the past, so I was surprised when they informed me that FedEx would deliver my order the following Monday (yesterday). I was even more surprised when the order showed up a day early on Sunday!

Size-wise, I have been having good luck ordering clothing from JustFab. Their dresses, skirts and tops in size XL are just fab on me. But I hold my breath regarding shoe size. More often than not, their largest size (12) is too small for me and I have to return them. So when the package arrived on Sunday, I immediately tried on the shoes and voila! they were a perfect fit.

Next I tried on the dress and it fit, too, and just like the model, it clings to my body and shows off all my curves. 

I can’t wait to go out wearing my new dress and heels! 

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Fuzzi

Tokyo Yomiuri Giants
A Tokyo Yomiuri Giants baseball player femulating for the team's womanless beauty pageant.
(Thank you, Zoe, for this news.)


  1. I think that the shoes you bought will go better with that dress than the mid calf boots worn by the model in the photo

    1. I agree, Pat. I tried on the dress wearing those shoes and they look great at together.

  2. I spent way too long looking for a dress for my wedding, and finally found one with about three weeks to spare at JustFab. It arrived in my usual 12 and... too small. I now had a week to spare. I contacted JF and they sent out a 14 that day. It arrived, it fit well, and I returned the old dress after the new one showed up. Yes, it took longer than I expected (expectations set by Amazon, I suppose) but they came through when I needed them!

  3. They picked those 7 girls out of 25-30 professional athletes? Wow..... good sports too - they will hear it from macho a-holes on other teams...