Monday, February 24, 2020

Dress to Shop

Meg wrote, “When you’re dressed and shop, what do you wear?

"I'm planning to talk to saleswomen and ask to try clothes on next time I go. I’ve wanted to but never done it so far.

“Is a dress better than a skirt/blouse? If I’m wearing the latter and I want to try on a dress, I have to remove both and there may be many buttons. If I wear the former, I need to find a top to go with a bottom or vice-versa when I want to try one on and if the dress goes over my head, my wig could get out-of-sorts (also with a pullover top, hence the worry about buttons).

“How about sharing your experiences?”

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I'll gladly share my experience, Meg.

When I go shopping and plan to try clothes on in the store, I wear something that is easy to take off and put back on, so usually a dress without a lot of buttons. Also, something that has a wide collar opening like a scoop neck or V-neck, so as not to muss up my hair and makeup when I pull it off and on (so avoid anything with a turtleneck).

The best thing I ever wore shopping was a dress that had a zipper in front that zipped from the neckline to the hemline of the dress. I could get in and out of that dress quick like a bunny.

Also, to minimize changing back into the outfit you wore into the store, take as many outfits as the store allows to the dressing room. Or shop in a store where there is personalized service with a salesperson at your beck and call to fetch outfits for you while you are in the dressing room.

If you are shopping for a skirt to match a top or vice versa, then that is a different story and you will want to wear whatever you are trying to match, unless it is so generic that you can find something in the store to use for matching.

On the other hand, if you are just skirt shopping, for example, wear an easy on-and-off dress. When you find the skirts you want to try on, grab a top, too, so that you will have something to model with the skirts. Of course, you don't have to purchase the top, but then you might find one that goes so nicely with the skirt you are buying that you will just have to buy the top, too!

I hope that helps!

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Source: Rue La La
Wearing St. John

Advertisement for an “All-Male Review” in Atlantic City, circa 1969
Advertisement for an “All-Male Review” in Atlantic City, circa 1969


  1. While I can't remember the name of the Drag Queen from The Paddock, I probably saw her in action. Back in "the olden days" when I was with Scientific Data Systems we exhibited at the "Joint Computer Conferences". We had the lead at the East Coast one at Atlantic City. I was a "regular" at DC Drag Shows and got clued in to the places to go. The only name I remember was Kenny Kerr, who was drop dead beautiful, as were many of the other girls.

    The club was about a block from our hotel and I was there each of the four nights we were there. One night a bunch of my co-workers blundered in. Most staggered away within an hour or so, but one of them was cross-eyed over one of the girls. I dropped a few hints, but he persisted, and was still there when I left. The next day he just did a "keep it between us" with a finger to his lips, but the way he did it told me he had done more than watch. He had transferred to Los Angeles by the time we returned in 1970, 71 and 72.And I returned to The Paddock!

  2. I used to wear my "stealth" clothing when going shopping for clothes. But when I found Avenue and then Catherine's I wore mostly pull-over dresses. As the other ladies have written, something easy to get on and off. While there is a "limit" to the number of garments you can take in, if it's clear you're a buyer they don't count. Plus Avenue always had a "I don't want this one" rack right outside the dressing rooms where I hung my "overage".

    Fortunately, I have my own long hair so don't have to worry about displacing a wig, But the quick-on-quick-off aspect of trying clothes on still favors a pull-over dress. And once I became comfortable with being Mikki at those stores, Mikki started shopping at Macy's. I always keep in mind the fact that other ladies want to try on garments, too, so I am always efficient. Anyway, if we hog the room people will think we're getting off on trying clothes on. If that's what someone is into, think of the other ladies and "do it" at home!

  3. As a femulator who does shop 'enfemme',I have never received a cold response while shopping. A particularly welcome response is at TWO local Cato Fashions ( Since I DO spend MONEY there, me and my money is always welcome there. There have been times at Cato, where I left wearing the garment I just purchased, to positive reviews by the sales staff! (Whatta rush!) Cato also has an extensive online listing, and free shipping to their nearest store. They also have a liberal return policy.
    A couple of considerations....
    Regardless of my number of times visiting these stores, I ALWAYS ask the Sales Associate to direct me to the fitting room. Reasoning is that, if perhaps another patron starts 'something' due to my presence, the onus in on the Sales Assistant, not YOU.
    Be aware and wary of your lipstick. It is soooo easy to accidentally mark the garment with a minor lip touch. It is always a good idea to inspect the garment and notify the sales associate of the mark, or choose another garment before you ask to be led to the fitting room. Some clothing stores do demand you buy the garment if you damage the item.

  4. Great suggestions about shopping en femme – thanks ladies! About lipstick: my wife gave me a hint. Purse your lips around a tissue to avoid marking a garment. I avoid heavy makeup when trying things on to avoid a similar problem. Around this part of Florida most women don’t wear dresses, so if I’m shopping I’ll wear a blouse that buttons in the front (sorta like Stana’s front-zip dress) so my wig doesn’t come off. But then again it may have to come off depending on what I’m trying on. ;-)

    One thing I’ve learned – if a woman is checking her potential purchase in mirrors in the dressing area and it looks great, tell her so! I was doing that with a Chico’s dress and a lady said “That dress looks fabulous on you!” Needless to say that is one of my favorite dresses.