Friday, April 12, 2019

Shoe Shopping

My latest Amazon purchase: Nine West "Epiphany" slingback pumps for $39.99
I love my shoes.

Shoes are the last item I don when I get dressed. And when I slip on my high heel pumps, it's as if my fairy godmother waves her magic wand and I suddenly feel absolutely marvelous.

I own a lot of shoes. My favorite brands are Payless and Nine West. Both have shoes in my size (12). Although Payless shoes are less expensive than Nine West shoes, Nine West's are better quality and usually real leather.

Payless will be history soon, so that leaves me with Nine West.

The local Nine West brick and mortar store never has size 12s, so I order online. Nine West prices being what they are, I only order when they have a sale. Even then their prices are typically higher than Payless normal prices, but what's a poor girl to do?

"Go to Amazon," is what a poor girl should do.

I recently discovered that Amazon has lots of Nine West shoes for sale at very attractive prices. Unless I missed something (which is possible because I often miss something), this is a recent development because when I looked for Nine West shoes on the "Big A" in the recent past, there was only a small selection.

The only catch is that the Nine West shoes on Amazon do not necessarily match what is currently available on the Nine West website. The Amazon selection is older than what you will find on Nine West online or in their brick and mortar stores, but that is OK by me. The savings, quality and real leather make up for it.

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West (Source: Nine West)

Brian Deacon
Brian Deacon femulates in the 1973 British film The Triple Echo.


  1. RIP Payless! You should check out Torrid they have cute heels in large sizes. Have you seen Naomi Watts & Liev Schreibers son Kai?

    1. Stana
      Have you looked at Ebay, New, Buy it now
      It might be worth comparing their prices with Amazon

  2. Here's an "FYI" for you. The film Shana has highlighted in her Femulate photo is available and included as part of an Amazon Prime membership. There are also many more TG/CD films available on Amazon Prime, also free.

  3. Long Tall Sally has shoes in very large women's sizes -- not inexpensive, though. Avenue has a huge inventory of wide and large sizes. I find DSW has many shoes in my 12W size, too many for me.I say that because major surgery on my right foot has removed me from the ranks of ladies in heels. Good thing I didn't make my living as a Drag Queen!

    Every now and then I scroll through DSW's heels and dream about "the olden days". While I felt incomplete without my 3"-4" heels, I got over it. My need to be Mikki is much stronger than what's not on my feet.

  4. i remember watching "the triple echo" back in the late 70's/early 80's as a fascinated and still-very-much closeted budding transvestite, thinking how tragic it was that the guy ended up getting shot - basically just because he looked and felt good as a woman, and was flattered by the attention he got as a result! in fact, even though i've now been out for the last 20 years or so, i still more-or-less confine my public appearances to gay/tranny-friendly areas and very rarely venture out into straightsville - probably because i'm still a bit wary that there's some equivalent of the macho and homo/transphobic army sergeant out there, who would want to do something similar if he took a fancy to me and then realised i wasn't a biological woman!