Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Shaving Legs

Good Morning Stana, 

Hope you're well and it is finally getting warm back East. 

Question??? At what age did you start to shave your legs? Did parents catch on? Smooth skin was a big revelation for me. Stockings on smooth legs is just a wonderful look and feel. Once you shave you can't go back. I had to wait till I moved out and after the Army.

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Hi Bobbie,

Spring is finally springing forth in Southern New England. The daffodils and forsythia are in bloom and the snow piles have finally disappeared.

I was about 16 years old when I shaved my legs for the first time.

I had been crossdressing for about 4 years. Leg hair began sprouting about Year 2. By Year 4, I could not stand the look of matted hair under my nylon stockings, so I took a razor to my legs and removed all the hair from the hem of my miniskirt to the tips of my toes. And I continued to regularly remove my leg hair ever since.

My parents never mentioned it. My crossdressing was closeted, so they never saw my shaved legs en femme and I avoided wearing shorts en homme in the warm weather because I did not want to reveal my secret. When I first appeared among the civilians en femme for Halloween in Year 6, my shaved legs were probably the least of my parent's worries when they saw their 18-year-old son dressed like their 16-year-old daughter.

The first time anyone ever mentioned my shaved legs was when I attended a Halloween party in office girl drag in my mid-20's and the hostess was so surprised that I shaved my legs that she announced it loudly for all the party-goers to hear. I didn't care because earlier at that same party, a female party-goer asked who was the woman not wearing a costume! (She was me!)

Thank you for the great questions, Bobbie.

Source: Etienne Aigner
Wearing Etienne Aigner (Source: Etienne Aigner)

Julian Eltinge
Early 20th Century professional femulator of stage and screen, Julian Eltinge.


  1. Some time ago a non TG girl told me she found trousers scratchy and uncomfortable
    The first time I shaved my legs I found the same
    It took a couple of days to get used to it
    Now I do not know what unshaven legs feel like

  2. I've been shaving or epilating my legs since the early '90's. In the early '00's, I had laser done on them, and it became much easier. Now I really only need to deal with it about once a week. Just wish I could be Mandy more often...

  3. Gendre AmoreApril 18, 2019

    I started shaving continuously in the late 1990's under the guise of being a tri-athlete (and cross-dresser of course). I had already done over 100 triathlons at that point and was to do only about 15 more. My new excuse was that my new 100 plus acres of woods was tick and chiggar infected, it was to re-mediate that. I am now 67 and have been hairless since I started. If anyone asks, I tell them the truth, "that my legs look much better in pantyhose when shaved. God's truth.

  4. I started regularly keeping my legs and chest hairless in about 2012. In 2016, I never let it grow back. The sensation of actually feeling my skin after many years being well covered with a thick layer of hair was amazing. Since Halloween 2018, I've kept my arms hairless. Nobody has asked about it.

  5. I started shaving my legs early on - only once or twice a year at first. (My Mediterranean Heritage made it QUITE the undertaking.) However, my legs now sport hardly any hairs! Some say it's the constant rubbing of the trouser legs against them when they were trying to grow back, but I really don't care! I haven't had to shave them in MANY years!

  6. I’ve been shaving legs (and arms, and hands, and ….) since the early 90’s. Our place in Florida has an outdoor shower and a pool, and it just feels wonderful to hop in the pool newly shaved (with a comfy bathing suit, of course!) 👧

  7. Sally StoneApril 20, 2019

    I spent 20 years in the military, and never felt comfortable shaving my legs during that time. After I retired though, I resigned myself to have smooth legs. My wife wasn't happy about it, she had the feeling I was crossing some sort of line, but ultimately she relented. I explained to her that shaving my legs was as much a hygiene choice as it was a femulating necessity. I think shaving my legs has become a normal thing, so now we can even talk about it without her feeling uncomfortable. I don't hide the fact that I shave, and in the warm months, wear shorts like any other guy. Ultimately, I don't think anyone cares that my legs are hairless, and to date, no one has raised the issue. I also keep my chest and underarms hairless.



  8. Haven't shaved for a while but did so when I was a racing cyclist. Loved the feel of it when wearing trousers. Found having shaved legs had a nice cooling effect in summer. Now I wear thicker tights to cover up the hair.