Friday, April 26, 2019

Fabulous 68

Yesterday, I met the girls for lunch and then I went shopping. The weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful day to be out as the woman I was meant to be.

I had not seen two of the girls in years, so we were catching up and I mentioned that I had retired at age 66. With that Lee's jaw dropped and commented, "You are not 66." To which I replied, "No. I am 68."

The consensus was that I don't look my age and I said the reason I don't look my age was because I don't act my age! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyway earlier this week, I was on YouTube trying to find something about one of my radios. In case you did not know, based on your YouTube viewing habits, YouTube makes suggestions of videos you may be interested in viewing and stacks those suggestions on the right side of the browser screen. While looking for my radio video, one of their suggestions caught my eye: 5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes On Mature Eyes Tutorial Over 50.

I thought the technique I used to makeup my eyes worked for me, but I decided to watch the video to see if I was doing anything wrong. Turns out I was doing some things wrong and in the process, I was adding years to myself! Whereas the techniques I used worked wonders on a girl in her 20's, 30's and 40's, they were wrong for a woman in her 50's or above. Since I am well above 50, I paid close attention to the video.

Schellea Fowler hosts a slew of self-help videos for women in their 50s titled Fabulous50s and after I watched her Mature Eyes video, I also watched her Cheeks tutorial.

I was sold on Schellea's techniques and used them when I did my face Thursday morning. I was satisfied with the results and was very happy when I received the don't-look-my-age comments, but I was blown away when I compared recent photographs of me using my old techniques and the Fabulous50 techniques.

See for yourself... the photo on the left was taken in January, the one on the right, yesterday.

Since some of the techniques were new too me, I made some mistakes when I did my makeup yesterday and I did not have time to start all over again. But practice makes perfect and I intend to continue to use Schellea's techniques and view the rest of her videos.

Source: Pinterest
I would not mind being read wearing that! (Source: Pinterest)

Julio Iglesias, Jr.
Julio Iglesias, Jr. femulating Amy Winehouse on Spain's version of the Your Face Sounds Familiar television franchise.


  1. Were both photos of you taken in the same light (source)? The light source in the right side photo seems MUCH warmer, whereas the photo on the left has a lot of blue tones. All my bulbs in my makeup/bathroom mirror are the GE 'Reveal' type which is much 'warmer' and is engineered to approximate sunlight. To do makeup under the wrong light, is a bad route from the start. It seems that some 'beauty stores', like Ulta have the whole store lighting WAY too bright and 'hot'-- beyond 'warm'. Maybe it helps sales?
    Also, the camera angle on the right side photo (from above) is the better of the two, as there is 'less neck and chin (less chin width, virtually NO 'man chin', BTW, your chin, unlike most mens chins, is a well balanced proportion for 'femulation' to begin with). Most men have to work very hard to diminish 'man chin' with the use of highlights on the chin. One 'man chin' is diminished, the wrong photo angle (camera below the face) blows the whole effort.
    All said, This technology is quite complex on many levels, I still shop and 'experiment' when I get a chance. Velma

    1. Both photos were taken with natural light with me facing our skylight. The January photo was taken late in the afternoon on an overcast day; yesterday's photo was taken on a sunny day.

      My makeup mirror (Clairol brand) has settings to simulate various light conditions.

      Professionals who have done my makeup say I have a "perfect oval-shaped face."

    2. YES! You do. NO 'man chin' on you! V.