Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sizing Me Up

One week ago, I mentioned here that "I fell in love with this Dress Barn outfit and had to buy it when I discovered it was on sale (40% off) on Cyber Monday."

It arrived on Saturday and I immediately tried it on to see how it looked and fit.

The dress looked absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly from the bust down, but it was too small from the bust up; there was no way I could zip it closed.

Usually, I go to the local Dress Barn store to try on potential purchases, but this dress was an "online exclusive" and not available in brick and mortar stores, so I had to order online size unseen.

I bought it in size 14, which normally is a good fit for me with Dress Barn clothing, but in this case, I needed a size 16. Problem is that 14 is the largest size available, so I packed up the dress and shipped it back to Dress Barn for a refund.

Interestingly, the dress did not have a Dress Barn label. Instead, it had a Julia Jordan label. After a little googling, I found the exact same dress in size 16 on sale for $59.99 at Rue Lala.

Do I take a chance and order online, size unseen again?

I hemmed and hawed for about 15 minutes and then decided to go for it. My fingers will be crossed until it arrives and I can try it on!

By the way, the dress in the video above is the dress I ordered except the color of mine is gunmetal and not navy blue.

Source: Pinterest
I recently found this lovely skirt suit on Pinterest and had to share it with you. 

Candy Darling
Famous femulator Candy Darling accompanying her mentor Andy Warhol 


  1. I bought a pair of knee length boots and I was looking for an A-line wool skirt to go with it. I looked at our favorite dress shop in Wallingford and they didn’t have anything that I liked.

    I spied one on Amazon, a wool black & white plaid A-line skirt! Just what I was looking for! So I ordered it, size XXL… What do you mean delivery anywhere from mid-November to mid-January? Oh it’s coming from China.
    Well it arrived last week. I go to put it on and it wouldn’t even fit over my feet!

    Click on return merchandise, wrong size.
    Email from them, here is the RMA and shipping label
    Me: Wait a minute it is not pre-paid and postage to China is $22 and the skirt was only $29!
    Them: Well you ordered the wrong size so you should pay for the return.
    Me: No you sent the wrong size.
    Them: Well show us, take a picture
    Me: Sent them a photo with a ruler showing the size of the skirt lying flat… 15”
    The next day an email arrives… keep it and we will refund the full price and shipping.
    So now I’m a proud owner of a wool black & white plaid A-line XS skirt (for a waist of around 12 inches).

    Anyone know where I can buy a wool plaid or a brown A-line skirt size XXL or 22W?

  2. Yup - I recently purchased a body con dress on Amazon in what is USUALLY my size. It arrived and fit . . . . too tight. I know, body con is SUPPOSED to be tight. But friends (my 2 Fashion Guru friends) said it was too tight - looked uncomfortable. I checked the item on Amazon again to try and get the next size up - - - and there was NO next size up. ~~sigh~~ So I either have to lose 20 pounds or put it in the Give Away Pile. (I am reluctant to do either!)

  3. It is not unusual for dress sizes to vary between manufacturers here in the UK
    It looks like you have the same problem in
    the USA as well
    For example I have a size 20 skirt that is too small for me by one company and a size 18 which fits perfectly by another