Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Initially Feminine

I have been reading the old Drag magazines that are accessible at Internet Archive and the following article from a 1978 issue (volume 7, number 26) of the magazine fascinated me.
Boys Should Be Girls
LOS ANGELES ― A University of California psychoanalyst says all little boys start life by wishing they were little girls.
This thesis, voice by Dr. Robert Stollar [sic], contradicts the theory of Sigmund Freud, who concluded that all little girls subconsciously wished they were little boys.
Dr. Stollar [sic] told a meeting of the American As­sociation for the Advancement of Science that it was "only natural that all babies would want to be girls because the mother, not the father, is the parent with whom they identify first.''
The doctor says he has treated hundreds of male patients who had trouble switching their ''gender identity" as they grew older. Earlier in life, they had all wanted to be girls, he said.
If this is indeed true, then TVs and TSs are the only people in society who are following their nor­mal God-given urges!
I looked the doctor up and found that he's Dr. Stoller, not Stollar. Wikipedia expands a bit on what the Drag magazine article said.
Drawing on his extensive research with transsexuals and new advances in the science of sex, Stoller advances his belief in "Primary Femininity," the initial orientation of both biological tissue and psychological identification toward feminine development. This early, non-conflictual phase contributes to a feminine core gender identity in both boys and girls unless a masculine force is present to interrupt the symbiotic relationship with the mother.
That fits me perfectly, like a size 12 dress!

(Caveat Emptor: This post is a rerun from February 2016.)

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  1. Dr. Stoller story sounds familiar; it was probably repeated across the country.
    Back when I was starting thinking about coming out and transiting I attended Twenty Club (XX Club) meetings in the early 2000s and I was lucky to hear the history of the Twenty Club by the Rev. Canon Clinton R. Jones and Dr. Higgins.

    Rev. Jones told about starting a support group at the YMCA in Hartford in the early sixties called “Project Homosexual” and in the lobby they put up a sign on meeting days that pointed the way to the meeting room. The sign said “Project Homosexual” with an arrow. After the first couple meetings the management of the Y came up to Rev. Jones and said that they want to support the group but could they please change the name to “Project H.”

    At the meetings there were some men who said they wanted to be women. The reverend realized that these men were not gay but were in the term of the era transsexual. Rev, Jones, a psychologists, an endocrinologists, and a surgeon who worked with Dr. Harry Benjamin at John Hopkins together they formed the Gender Identity Clinic of New England (GICNE) in the mid-sixties.

    Since this is history that needs to be told; I will research this some more and write a post on my blog Friday afternoon.

  2. Stana....I just LOVE this site. All these little articles are them all. Wish I had your e-mail to contact you directly.

    Love Veronica

    1. Are you Lady Veronica Graunwolf from CDH ? Your own posts over there are pretty insightful too! 😉

    2. My email address is stana-stana @ (without the spaces).

  3. Hi Veronica,

    There is a link labeled “send me e-mail” on the narrow pane to the right on this page. It’s near the top and just a bit below Stana’s lovely photo.