Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mothers and Daughters

Undressing on Saturday, I noticed that one of the hooks on my Rago long line bra was ready to escape from its moorings ("My bra's not too tight – my boobs are too big"). So I got out my sewing kit and fixed the problem.

While I was sewing my bra, I thought about how my mother taught me sewing basics when I was a youngster and wondered how many mothers teach their sons how to sew?

You may recall that one time my mother gave me a makeover when she misinterpreted my feeble clown makeup for a failed attempt at girl makeup.

There were other clues during my youth that convinced me that my mother had an inkling that I might be boarding the good ship Lollipop in the future. So like any good mother, she was just preparing her daughter for womanhood when she gave me sewing and makeup lessons.

(Thanks, Mom!)

I Resemble That Remark Dept.

Actress Sandra Bullock on why high heels don't faze her, "I think it's my mother's gene because she did everything in high heels." (Source: Parade)

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West (Source: Nine West)

Bob Denver
Bob Denver femulates in a 1967 episode of Gilligan's Island.


  1. My dad wouldn't even let my brother and I help in the kitchen -- lest we turn into queers! I trust he's rolling in his grave about Mikki! I wish I'd had a perceptive parent like yours, Stana.

    1. I was embarrassed when my Dad did household chores. I remember closing the venetian blinds whenever my Dad did the ironing. Funny how I worried about my Dad (a WWII Marine veteran) looking girly, but I was ok being an all-American girl. Go figure!

  2. I was always amazed at the amount of stuff that they had on the SS Minnow when Gilligan and crew left port for a 3 hour cruise. Ginger alone must have had 50 different outfits...mostly wonderful evening wear, with shoes to match...I am sure I am not the only one to make note of her attire.

    1. Not to mention wigs for the guys to wear when they dressed-up! LOL

  3. Stanna
    Repairing your own bra whilst in female mode sounds like an interesting feminine experience

  4. I have always suspected that the SS MINNOW sank from all the cases and cases of 'Bubbly' stashed aboard.

  5. My mother taught me to sew both by hand and with her precious Singer. As young MEN, we used the skills to affix our Boy Scout MERIT BADGES (I EARNED 28 total) to the SHOULDER SASH, as well as mend tents and backpacks. I have recently made outdoor cushion covers for our sunroom furniture using a SEARS portable sewing machine I rescued from our condo dumpster-- worked perfectly. (Yeah I Dumpster Dive--but I did find a big box of 'purged cross-dress stash' including bra and breastforms that way!).
    I could really use some skills regarding taking up seams on 'my gurl clothes' where the curves do not match, or raising a hemline(I DO like to 'show some leg'!)
    Despite the apparent financial troubles BSA is having, perhaps the NEXT GEN SCOUTS, inclusive of females, and LGBTQ.. could offer additional REAL WORLD MERIT BADGES, such as "HAUTE COUTURE", "COSPLAY, and COSTUMES", "FINE DINING", "CONFLICT RESOLUTION", "COSMETOLOGY", "SEXUAL IDENTITY, BOUNDARIES and RESPECT THEREOF", "MODERN DANCE", and throw in "AUTO MAINTAINANCE/ MECHANICS" too.... Just sayin' Velma