Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Over or Under

If you are like me and wear a girdle to slim your waist and tummy, but also wear a padded panty to enhance your hips and derriere, do you wear the padded panty under or over your girdle?

My guess is that you should wear the padded panty over the girdle, otherwise the girdle will compress the padding and negate the enhancement provided by the padded panty.  But I could be wrong, so let me know what you do if you do.  

Source: Dress Barn
I fell in love with this Dress Barn outfit and had to buy it when I discovered it was on sale (40% off) on Cyber Monday.

Pretty in polka dots, Annastasya, out and about in Nuremberg (Source: flickr)


  1. I never did like padded panties as they typically wore too low on my hips, resulting in a weird body shape. What I did do to achieve a successful illusion is the following:
    1. I cut the rear pads out of a pair of "booty briefs" and placed them higher in a pair of full rear briefs.
    2. I then put on a pair of XXL pantyhose for my size L body.
    3. I took the foam pads out of three pairs of padded panties/girdles.
    4. I then placed the pads (three to a hip) underneath the pantyhose to form a reasonable womanly hip. This may take some practice to get it right (without me putting out a U-Tube instructional video).
    5. I then put on a tight shaping bra slip to smooth all pad lines (even though in most cases pantyhose only will work fine)
    The end result.............nothing for a crossdresser beats child bearing hips.
    Thanks for the stimulating post Stana
    Gendre Amore

  2. And Annastasya look realy good!

  3. Of course you're right, I wear memory foam pads over my all in one,(corselette in the Queen's english). I wear a corselette to support my fully fashioned stockings, which I wear most of the time with 6 suspenders (garters). The pads are really large, stretching from waist down my thighs to my knees (have you noticed, women have hips and bums?) I cut and taper them myself with a bread knife and pluck the inside to make them concave. I hold them in place with firm cut off tights. In summer, I do away with the corselette and over the pads this time, full length tights, I wear a rago waist cincher with a thong back which really defines my bottom and is comfortable, curvy and looks good without pulling in my waist too much.
    D.I.Y. Pads are essential for creating the feminine illusion and not expensive and better than ready made.

  4. You are right, padding over girdle. Pantyhose over padding if smoothing is needed. Thank you for a great site. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family. Be well. Tora

  5. I, too, have built my own. I encased in a thin white cloth my tapered pads which go from waist to mid thigh around behind to my crack. I sewed this in several spots to my all-in-one. By attaching it to the all-in-one, I do not have to worry about them moving, or coming out when I need to drop my pantyhose to used the toilet. The thickness is sufficient to make it clear that I have hips typical of a female.

  6. If you go for authenticity then you wear your padded pants under your girdle
    If you want to look good wear them over
    Hopefully nobody is going to see them