Friday, December 7, 2018

Gift Selfies

I, as Stana, do not receive any Christmas gifts, so I have to take matters into my own hands and self-gift. And this year, I might have gone a little overboard!

I purchased a new dress, skirt, blazer, necklace, bra, Spanx, heels, flats and wig. Still waiting on delivery of the new dress and wig. I'm sure the wig will be ok, but I am not so sure about the dress. It is very nice and you folks selected it as the best outfit I put together for the holidays, but the fit is still a question mark.

The dress is supposed to be delivered on the 12th, one week before my company's Christmas party. If it fits, then I am all set. If it is too small, it goes back for a refund and I will have to go to Plan B.

Wearing Gabor wig (Source:

Janek Traczyk
Janek Traczyk femulates Anna Wyszkoni on Poland's version of Your Face Sounds Familiar


  1. You go gurl! DO gift yourself, you have worked hard this year and you deserve to look and feel good about yourself. Velma went overboard on shoes and dresses and wigs too, -- 'cause the 'groups' party is Sat/09 and we are gonna party in spite of weather warnings. Have a Merry. AND sing a chorus of of your own lyrics of "Walking Around In Woman's Underwear'.
    Happy Holidays, Velma D.

  2. No presents for Stana? Put Santa on his own naughty list!

    Seriously, though, I gift Abby every year. I even wish her Merry Christmas when she opens the packages. Some pretty fab stuff, too.

    Gifting Abby is how I started buying my femme clothes while in drab in the same stores that the GGs shop in. I rationalized that guys in drab would be most likely to be able to buy clothes at that time of year without drawing unwanted attention. It worked, even back in the Eighties, and I was hooked. I soon found out that any time of year was just fine for shopping. It wasn't long before I was boldly asking SAs and even other customers, both genders mind you, for advice. If the store is making money, most merchants and SAs have no objections at all. In fact, they are eager to help.

  3. Stana,
    I too have to gift my femme self. For my birthday recently I bought a pair of white boots that I've been looking at for some time now. Haven't decided on her Christmas present yet.
    Have a holly jolly and a very merry,