Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Triumph or Downfall

Wearing high heels can lead to a girl’s triumph or downfall. Over the years, I have experienced both.

High heels make your legs look shapely and are so darn sexy. That is why I have a closet full. The problem is that you can never tell whether a pair will be your friend or foe in the long run. Will your feet be happy in heels all day long or will they be screaming in pain after an hour or two?

The height of the heel is not a reliable indicator. Some of my most comfortable shoes are four-inch skyscrapers, whereas I own flats that I wore once and will never wear again because they were so uncomfortable.

I often use inserts in my heels to alleviate any problems. Insolia and Dr. Scholl's are the brands I have used successfully. Then again, I own many comfortable heels that don’t need inserts (like Janine and Karmen from Payless and Predictions).

Speaking of heels...

Remember the gunmetal mesh dress I wanted to purchase to wear to my former company’s Christmas party. I ordered the dress from Dress Barn in the largest size they offered (Misses 14), but it was too small, so I returned it. After searching the Internet, I found the exact same dress in size 16 at Rue Lala. I ordered it and USPS delivered it today. And the good news is that it fits me like a glove! Yay!

What’s that got to do with heels?

You may also recall that I was considering two pairs of heels to wear with the dress. The majority of you who commented preferred the metallic platform pumps, but Tanit commented that I might consider pairing the dress with heels in a color that pops.

Now I am thinking the same thing.

Wearing Madison
Wearing Madison

Charles Demetri
Charles Demetri


  1. I tried to look at Rue lala but it is a site you have to sign up for. I hate those kind and refuse to do it. If I can't look for "free", they don't get my business.

  2. Velma votes for the 'metallic shoes' paired with the gunmetal dress. That combo "Knocks the cover off the ball." Consider a silver purse with a long chain?