Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mother and Daughter

My Mother's Daughter
Yesterday, I mentioned that Kim Kardashian is someone I would not want to femulate. That begs the
question, who would I want to femulate?

Over the years, there have been many.

Early on, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jean Shrimpton and April Ashley inspired me. Later on it was Jacqueline Bisset and Jaclyn Smith. Today, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Beckinsale and Olivia Wild are very femulatable. And old movie stars still inspire me today: Ann Sheridan, Hedy Lamarr, Dana Wynter and Janet Leigh to name a few.

Marian commented a short list of her favorites including actress Katherine Heigl.

It has been awhile since I watched a Katherine Heigl film, but over the weekend, I happened to catch two: Knocked Up and Killers. They reminded me how beautiful and voluptuous she is, which is atypical for actresses these days who tend to be anorexic thin.

Today, Katherine Heigl is probably near the top of my list of women I would want to femulate.

Then there is my mother.

A beautiful woman in many ways, she is easier to femulate than my other inspirations because I look a lot like her. If we were ever seen together, there would be no doubt that we were mother and daughter.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing ISSA.

Marty Thomas
Actor Marty Thomas femulating on stage in Pageant - The Musical (2014).


  1. Oooh. For me: Katherine Hepburn, Patty Wagstaff, and Janet Mock. I'll even toss in a dash of David Bowie to diversify the portfolio!! :-)

  2. I would like to femulate one other person beside my mother, Her name was Sharon and she not only helped me dress up as a real woman on Halloween but she was a classic lady in every sense of the word and always carried herself that way even as she smoked her cigarettes. Other ladies I want to femulate are the usuals-Cher, Dolly, Bette, Barbara S, Madonna, The classic ladies I would femulate include Judy G, May W, Marilyn M, Joan C, Katheryn H, Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, and many others. For the ladies, Stacey Anne Smith.

  3. I want to femulate Kim K on Halloween as a joke,