Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Run Through The Jungle

I finally got around to watching Jurassic World. It was an entertaining film with great special effects.

Kudos go to actress Bryce Dallas Howard who wore Sam Edelman Nude Camdyn 3-1/2-inch pumps throughout the adventure including a run through the jungle with dinosaurs at her heels.

When the film came out last summer, there was some controversy about her choice of footwear. Ms.
Howard had this to say about that.

"From a logical standpoint I don’t think she would take off her heels. I don’t think she would choose to be barefoot. I don’t think she would run faster barefoot in the jungle with vines and stones... I’m better equipped to run when I have shoes on my feet. So that’s my perspective on it. I don’t think she would carry around flats with her. I think she’s somebody who could sprint a marathon in heels."

In my youth, I occasionally ran in heels (to dodge traffic), but that was on pavement, not on grass! Walking on grass without sinking my heels into the dirt is hard enough. I can't imagine running on grass in my Louboutins!

Source: Intermix
Wearing Self-Portrait.

Dave Castiblanco
Model Dave Castiblanco


  1. I noticed that also and was fascinated by the shoes all through the movie. Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job!!!!

  2. I think that makes sense on rough ground! She might run faster on a grassy plain or especially a beach barefoot, but cut a foot on a sharp rock, and she'd get eaten!