Monday, June 6, 2016

Candid Camera

During the past few days, I received unsolicited photos from people attending the awards dinner at Hamvention. I appreciated the photos because my iPhone photos from the event were not the best, (and I am still kicking myself in the dupa for not using my Canon Powershot camera, which was buried in my purse).

There are some nice photos in the batch I received, but I think my favorite is the candid shot above taken by a famous ham radio operator from Sweden. At the time, I was deep in thought going over my acceptance speech in my head and unaware that a photo was being taken.

Lucille Ball, 1965
I love Lucy's suit!

Ken Chan
Ken Chan in Destiny Rose on Philippines television.


  1. It's a very flattering photo, if I may say. Sometimes, I think the shots taken when we're unaware can be some of the best.

  2. Must say not one of your usual shots, but a good one.
    When I get the chance I take candid shots of people, the best shots come from these types; you become more of the character or ‘depth’ of the person than with ‘ok, look your best and say cheese’ shots.
    This one is of this type, thanks for letting us see it.

  3. Dear Stana,

    Lovely photo! Appropriate that a Swede took the picture ... with your beauty and blonde hair, you could be a Swedish fashion model.



  4. You look every bit the woman. Thanks!