Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Any Womanless Femulators?

Womanless events bring out the curious among us (including myself) who wonder if any of the participants belong to our team.

In almost every womanless event, there are one or two "girls" participating who are outstanding... so outstanding that you wonder if it was really their first time... rather than being a civilian, are they actually one of us. Or they may be first timers, but their experience releases their inner girl and they so enjoy being a girl that they become one of us.

Saturday's post revived those thoughts around here and I wonder if there is any truth to them. So are any of you readers past participants of a civilian non-trans womanless event?

If you were a beauty queen or a fashion model or a bridesmaid in a civilian womanless event I would love to hear and share your story and photos (I just know that you have photos.)

Or is there really nothing to our urban legends?

(I asked this same question in February 2015 and the response was a little underwhelming. One person admitted to participating en femme in an adult prom fundraiser and another was an 8-year-old chorus "girl" in a summer camp production of Oklahoma, but no one admitted to being in a womanless beauty pageant, fashion show, wedding.)

Source: Intermix
Wearing Helmut Lang tank, Self-Portarit skirt, IRO jacket and Chloe clutch.

Source: Stan Jones
Contestants in a recent womanless beauty pageant.


  1. These sort of events are not common over her in the UK, at least not within my experience. In the days when I might have qualified to be part of such a thing, I think I might have been too frightened to enter in case I accidentally outed myself.

    I wonder if that might be one reason that you had so few responses.

  2. never had anything like this growing up in the midwest and I went to high school in the early 90's. Even if there was, I would not only be too scared to enter, but would fear of being outed.. You know the usual thousand scenarios that go through your head "Oh you look awfully pretty, you must have practiced this in the past.. How else did you get that eyeliner so straight? Oh sure you had a friend help you, what's her name? Uh-huh, I knew it, you crossdress!"

  3. I agree. They never had anything like this when I was younger. I probably would have been too scared to sign up for something like this, for fear someone would realize I was loving this.

    I remember when I was in my high school musical, one of the teachers who was doing stage makeup joking remarked that a makeup artist friend of hers specialized in making over crossdressers. God, I wanted to ask her for her contact info...

  4. I was almost a cheerleader for my high school's Powderpuff football game. My best friend and I were going to go out for it, but at the last minute, he "forgot" and I chickened out. I was very jealous of the guys who did do it: they wore authentic uniforms (skirts and shells) and even wore them all day at school on the day of the game.

  5. For me just having to walk in heels would have given the game away!

  6. I find these events to be very entertaining and gives the transgender boy a chance to be him/her self in public and enjoy being the girl they are inside. I know that if I, and many other transgender people were allowed to be dressed and be open about our needs of being a girl or in my case a woman, our lives would be more complete and we would be happier. I know for a fact from 1988 to late 1996, I was very open with my wife about my dressing and need to be "out" and she had no problems with it. Then, in 96 she began to think I cared more about dressing then I did our marriage. Boy was she wrong !! it was her letting me be my other persona that made me love her that much more and it carried over to the bedroom. Now, 21 years later, after purging ALL of my female things and not being true to myself, I am miserable and unhappy but put on a false front that life is good when it isn't. I hope that if any of these boys are transgender, I hope they are allowed to be true to who their true persona when they feel the need.

  7. AnonymousJune 12, 2017

    I'm sure there are some who are like us in these contests. Whether they know it at the time or not. I don't think it's always the ones who look the best though. You got remember, a lot of the times, it's girls school dressing the boys. So it may just be a result of certain girls going all out.