Wednesday, June 1, 2016


An Avon Lady selfie
Post-Hamvention, I am still playing catch-up at work and at home, so that is why my blogging schedule is off-kilter!


I found another video from Hamvention in which I sort of appear. "Sort of" because the video shows me sitting in the second row of an audience at a forum/presentation, but my visage is blocked by a guy sitting in front of me.

Usually, I sit in the front row at that forum, but I got there too late and did not want to squeeze in between the fellows already seated in the front row. Wait 'til next year!


Hamvention Thursday, I had dinner alone in the hotel restaurant.

The restaurant adjoins the hotel lobby and I noticed a constant parade of young women checking in at the front desk, as well as other young women milling about the lobby.

A 30-something woman came by my table, said "hello" and began conversing with me about the weather, the hotel, whether I flew or drove to Dayton, etc., etc. I held up my end of the conversation, but eventually she started talking about the banquet we were attending.

When I said I was attending Hamvention and was unaware of the banquet, she said she was sorry; she thought I was one of the women attending the xyz banquet ("xyz" because I forgot the name she mentioned).

I asked, "What's xyz?" and she explained that it was a line of beauty products. Evidently, saleswomen from all over the midwest were at the hotel attending the banquet, but I was not one of them, although I was flattered that she thought I was!

Source: PopSugar
Source: PopSugar

Redesigning Women
The all male cast of the 2013 New Orleans stage production of Redesigning Women.


  1. I've just spent a while paging through your Hamvention posts. Glad to see it all went well for you. Sigh. I really must make it over there one year. If I do don't take it the wrong way if you never see me on the TAPR stand, I'll just have got lost in the swapmeet. Listen for the mayday call from a lost W/G7. :)

  2. I love offkltler songs about 10 years