Thursday, May 12, 2016


Next week, I will be on a transcation, that is, presenting as a woman while I travel 726 miles to Dayton, Ohio, to attend a ham radio convention. Unlike the girls above, my transcation will be solo, but I expect to see a lot of friends and acquaintances, who I have not seen since last year's convention. So, although I will be solo en femme, I will not be alone.

This will be my seventh transcation to this convention, so you would think it would be "old hat" by now. In many ways, it will be familiar, but this year, there will be one big difference and I am a little nervous about it.

During my six previous Ohio transcations, I was invisible to most people... just an old lady in her Subaru driving too slow in the passing lane. Although I am a well-known writer in the ham radio world, my fellow hams know that writer as a male. As a result, very few people saw my name badge being worn by a female and put two-and-two together.

For example, I will never forget walking up to a friend I had known for over 30 years, saying, "Hi, Tom" with him replying, "Do I know you?" If I could fly as a woman under the radar of friends and acquaintances, I am sure I flew under everybody else's radar, too.

This year, I am receiving an award at the convention. This fact has been publicized in all the ham radio media. The convention's web site displays my feminine visage next to the award announcement. Over 20,000 printed programs will be handed out at the convention containing the same photo and announcement, so all those people who were clueless in the past will now be clued-in.

Whereas in the past, maybe a couple of hundred people were clued-in, this year 20,000 to 25,000 will be in the know and that is a little scary. So wish me well.

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Wearing Alexis.

Jack Haley
Jack Haley (right) in the 1945 film George White's Scandals.


  1. Congrats on the award - and on accepting it as a woman! It's a great, wonderful step forward, and I'm sure it will be a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

  2. Out and proud Stana....out and proud!!

  3. Stana you are such a brave soul and are obviously prepared for what your impending new notoriety will mean for you as a professional as well as a woman. Wishing you happiness and self fulfillment now and always!

  4. Thanks for everything you do for the LGBT community! I am sure you will be fine!

  5. Stana, you are a very strong and beautiful woman, and I know you will be well received by the ham community. I wish I could be there to watch you shine at this presentation!

  6. Good luck on a job well done .. by a female!

  7. Your position as the generator of Femulate as well as all of the outreach endeavors you have accomplished over the years have been wonderful in so many way. You acknowledgment as an awardee in the world of HAM Radio and your acceptance of that acknowledgement while presenting as a woman is truly taking the concept of outreach to the next level. You have my praise and my best wishes.
    Congratulations and best of everything.


    PS: of course we look forward to your post convention reporting.

  8. Best of luck to you...and as Pat says, we look forward to hearing all about it!


  9. Best wishes, and be sure to post a picture of you in your outfit for the awards

  10. Good luck! I am sure you will return and share all of the beautiful details about the beautiful women receiving the award.

  11. Good Luck, I am so happy for you. What a great honor. I know you will do great. Take pics (I know you will). It would be nice if you had a video for your Femulate family. I love love to see and hear your award ceremony. Plus this is a once (maybe few times) in a lifetime event. Having a video record would be nice. An idea: setup a phone and use periscope to record it.

  12. Dear Stana,

    Congratulations on your award and accepting it as a woman. I think it will be a lovely and wonderful experience.