Monday, May 2, 2016

Alison's Weekend

By Alison, WA1YKL

This past weekend, I attended one of the largest Amateur Radio "hamfests" in the northeast. Its known currently as Nearfest, the New England Amateur Radio Festival, in Deerfield, New Hampshire It's a twice a year chance to paw over old and new radio and electronics equipment of all types, attend a seminar and meet many old friends.

Although I dressed primarily in "boy" mode, one ham who I met, also in "drab," must have taken notice of my long hair, pink nails, and long earrings. He carefully asked me if I was in transition. To which I replied,that I was only a "part timer." That was enough to break the ice and we had a very nice chat about the options for exploring gender identity and how this seems to becoming more common for those of us in the 50+ age bracket, including some hams!

I also had a prearranged meeting with another ham sister, Stephanie, who I had met recently online.  We chatted about our common interests in dressing and radio. I also invited her to attend a local Tri Ess meeting.

In addition to seeing all of the radio "stuff," I enjoy going to Nearfest as a way to reconnect with many old friends and colleagues, some who I have known for over 30 years.

On the second day, as the weather was much warmer, I wore a tee shirt with the First Event name and logo on it. While it didn't attract any mention from other sisters, it did not garner any rude comments from the mostly cisgender hams either.

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Wearing Polo.

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Peter Sramek on Hungarian television's Sztarban Sztar.

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