Thursday, May 5, 2016

A New American

Create, Adobe's online magazine, has an interesting article, The New Americans: A Photographic Exploration.
Inspired in part by legendary photographer Robert Frank, whose 1958 book The Americans presented portraits of everyday Americans and changed the way we saw our country, photographers Elle Wildhagen and Zachary Domes set out on a six-week road trip. Their goal was to present today’s Americans as they saw them: inspiring, hopeful, and “full of so much good.”
One of the new Americans they encountered was Jacob, who...
...made a strong impression on the pair: “It wasn’t just about Jacob and him expressing himself,” says Elle. “It was really about allowing anyone, however they want to express themselves, to feel comfortable and confident.”
Click on Jacob's photo in the article to view a video about Jacob. (You won't be disappointed.)

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Rockins scarf, Equipment blouse and Theory skirt.

Tim Elliot
Tim Elliot on stage in Compleat Female Stage Beauty (2011)


  1. You were correct. It was nice to listen to Jacob's view of a better world

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2016

    Nice that he has the confidence to express himself and I respect his bravery. HOWEVER, he and the bearded drag queens in pride parades that the vanilla public see all too often are the reasons we are seeing the upswing of bathroom laws. Sorry, but this does not help our attempts to educate the public on transgenderism.

    1. Shaving would be a big improvement.

    2. I don't think that's fair to say at all. He and others who represent themselves visually however they feel they should are doing the right thing. People that see that and are fearful and create bad laws are in the wrong. It's not this man's fault that some people are bigoted and full of fear.

  3. While I agree that the beard does not help things I surmise that Jacob navigates his day fairly well, including the bathroom issue.
    I tend to feel that the best way to go about things is for more and more of us to simply get out and about in civilian society. I tend to think that if the T community were not pushing for legislation to make all bathrooms gender neutral that there would not have been push back from those who do not understand that there is little to fear from a T person.

  4. I have such admiration for this brave soul...too much stock has been placed in what we wear, rather than whom we are...