Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Two Down, Two to Go

Trying to drop a couple of pounds that I gained this winter so that I can look more gorgeous this spring. LOL

I know how to lose the weight. Breads and sweets are my downfall. Cut them out of my diet and I start losing weight  I just have to gather up the will-power to cut them out.

Usually an upcoming event will motivate me to do it. Attending the True Colors Conference this Friday is my motivation du jour and I already dropped 2 pounds since Sunday. I just need to drop 2 more pounds by Friday and I will have shed my winter weight.

Beyond that, I'd like to lose a few more pounds. I am about 13 pounds over my all-time low weight as an adult, which I achieved one summer working in a sweat shop during my summer break from college. 

Talk about gorgeous ― I was almost waif-like at the end of that summer. I doubt if I can get that low again, but it's worth a try. The big negative is that all my clothes will be too big and I will have to buy some new dresses that do fit (sigh).

And so it goes.

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Wearing JustFab.

What a difference a close shave can make!
What a difference a close shave can make!


  1. I know the feeling! every winter I put on a bit of weight, but this year those pounds got into double figures, and it doesn't get any easier to lose it as we get older. I want to lose about a stone (14 lbs) but am have serious trouble getting motivated.

  2. Sally StoneMarch 15, 2016


    Clothes that are too big is a good problem to have!



  3. Dear Stana,

    Good for you, girl! Congratulations on your weight loss and I hope you meet your goal by Friday. I also have been losing weight. I've lost 6 pounds since January 1. I hope to lose at least 5 more pounds by late September, when I'll be attending my 7th Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in Westin, FL (Ft. Lauderdale area).

    I always wear dresses or skirts "en femme", and I prefer flaring, A-line skirts. Wearing this style, I've lost enough weight that I don't need to wear any foundation or body shaper garments (other than a bra with breast forms, of course). I also have some pencil skirts (either stand-alone) or part of a ladies business suit, and I get by without body shaping with these, also. I have very few body-hugging dresses, and am happy to just wear my A-line cuts or pencil skirts. I love wearing pretty full-cut brief panties, and I love seeing them unobstructed by foundation garments as I dress.



  4. Ha ha on the cartoon! And yes, i'll be off to run 5 miles to lose some weight today! :)

    Another lovely fashion~ thanks hon!