Saturday, March 12, 2016


On Thursday, Susan of Transitioning into Tomorrow fame published a poster on her blog that suggests how to accessorize depending on the neckline of the dress or top you are wearing. I thought that the poster was very useful, so I copied and pasted it into my archive of fashion files for future reference.

That archive contains a lot of information that I find halpful as I present as a woman. For example, whenever I buy new clothing, I visit the website of the store where I bought the new item and grab images of the item I purchased.

That is a simple matter if I purchased the item online, however, if I purchased the item off the rack at a brick and mortar store, it might take a little searching to find an image on the website of the store or designer. (Often, searching on the item's SKU is a simple way to locate an image.)

I use these images to help me accessorize the item when I wear it. What kind of jewelry goes with the dress I just bought at ModCloth? What color shoes go with that dress? Should I wear nude or color stockings or tights?

I am not religious about it and I often accessorize with a scarf, which is an accessory that seldom if ever appears in these images. However, the source of these images are pros, who know what looks best with the item they are trying to sell than, so I often follow their suggestions.

By the way, I also save images of any wigs that I purchase to remind me what my new do is supposed to look like on my head. And I do not save images of undies that I purchase ― I do not compare favorably with lingerie models!

Source: Tory Burch
Wearing Tory Burch.

Dave Castiblanco
Dave Castiblanco


  1. i love that Tory Burch! Thanks! sara

  2. I wonder how many of us have a file of pictures such as you mentioned Stana? It seems that so many things have vanished with the purges for the picture file of fashions has seemed to survive over my life. In my file are more non-fashion pictures. Instead I save women in interesting positions or poses. I think we learn so much by looking at our cisgender sisters. I know the marketing people and photographers have a lot to do with advertising poses to help sell their product so I look at informal pictures of women and find many of the same body positions as I see in advertisements for products.