Monday, March 14, 2016

Down and Up

Internet was down this morning. I got our IT guy on the case and he discovered that there was an outage at our Internet provider. He is working on a temporary workaround.

So no email, no website access and no blogging! (I am writing this while the Internet is down with high hopes that it will be back up real soon now.)

After I spent the better part of Sunday doing income taxes, I crashed in front of the television for an hour or two before going to bed. No, I did not watch Cait, but I thought I saw her or a reasonable facsimile of her on a commercial for Andrew Dice Clay's new cable tv show Dice.

A brief scene in the commercial has Dice sitting in a office while a business woman berates him and threatens to pull out her large penis and put it on her desk to embarrass Dice with its size!

At first, I thought the actress playing the business woman was either Caitlyn Jenner or Lorraine Bracco of The Sopranos fame. I looked up the show on IMDB and neither was listed as a cast member and I could not determine from the cast list who was playing the business woman.

The Internet is now working and a little Googling revealed that Lorraine Bracco will indeed appear in two episodes of Dice. Lorraine does resemble Caitlyn Jenner (or vice versa), but her voice is distinctly her own and it was her voice that made me think it was her.

That's a Bingo!

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Stanley Baxter
Stanley Baxter

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  1. I was a HUGE Sopranos fan, Lorraine Bracco loved the scenes of her in her office, funny note she hated having to wear pantyhose for those scenes! They should have haired me!!!