Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Going to True Colors Conference

At True Colors Conference
Friday, I attended the True Colors Conference at my alma mater UCONN. My main purpose in attending was to do a workshop ("Makeup Basics for Trans Females"), attend other workshops of interest and hobnob with my peeps.

I was up at 5 AM, fed the menagerie and began transitioning about 30 minutes later. I Veeted my body the night before, so body-hair-wise I was good to go. Just had to do my makeup and get dressed.

I revised my makeup routine based on a suggestion I found on the Internet. Instead of doing the base of my face first, I did it after I did my eyes. (Doing my base includes applying foundation, doing contours, applying blush and undereye concealer and topping it all with loose translucent powder.)

In the past, when I did my eyes after doing my base, I almost always ruined my perfectly-applied base with eye makeup crumbs. By reversing the process, the eye makeup crumbs were not a problem. I could just sweep the crumbs away before I did my base.

This change did wonders and I will stick with it until something better comes along.

I broke out some new eyeliners for Friday: gel eyeliner pencils from Urban Decay — one in black for the top lid and one in a dark gray for the bottom lid. After applying eyeliner to the top lid, I wanted to sharpen the point, but the eyeliner was so soft that the tip crumbled in the pencil sharpener rather than coming to a point.

I Googled and found a solution: put the eyeliners in the freezer for 15 minutes or more and then sharpen them. I tried it and it worked, but that does not do much good if you need a point in the middle of applying a warm eyeliner.

I wore my favorite dress du jour: the black Calvin Klein sheath with the cute gold front zipper.  I accessorized with nude thigh-highs, nude pumps, my favorite gold clip-ons, gold watch and an animal print scarf.

I also took along a huge beige bag called a “territory bag" that I just acquired from Avon. It is perfect for attending an event like True Colors. It has plenty of room for the printed handouts I had for the presentation as well as room for all the papers and other goodies I was likely to acquire at the conference. And there was still enough room for my backup flats!

I was out the door at 7:45 and took a roundabout route to Storrs to avoid the commuter traffic heading into Hartford. That strategy worked out fine putting me on the UCONN campus at 8:50.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Jonathan Simkhai.

The Queen
Advertisement for the 1968 film The Queen.


  1. Thanks. And you look great, Stana!
    Another lovely dress...you're killing me :)

  2. I remember this sleazy no-budget picture. It wasn't terribly interesting, but it was a revelation: I suddenly understood why obvious drag queens crossed my path as I was on my way to school.
    (iI must hasten to add that I had to pass through the 42nd St subway station to get to school—in other words, Times Square filtered down onto my head...)