Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tricia's 2nd Favorite Photos (of Tricia!)

Some weeks back, Stana was kind enough to run my photos and story about Tricia’s favorite photo of her in her replica 17th Century ball gown, plus a “normal” shot.

There appears to have been a lack of this genre on Femulate in recent times, so the “ever helpful” Tricia is quite happy to volunteer another duo of photos.

In addition to the “Lady Patricia” gown, I have always fantasied about the Gone With the Wind sweeping down the staircase” style of period dress. So via the US website,, I was able to purchase the gorgeous gown you see in the shot. I teamed this with a red head curly wig and other accessories and again, together with my very favorite and ever so skillful makeup artist, was able to have a makeover and if I do say so myself, “look the part.”

No so much as Scarlett O Hara as “Scarlett O’Tricia.” The only drawback was that I could not order a hoop crinoline with the gown to fill it right out. Tricia has a very large “Sheduior” with all manner of male hobbies to provide “nook and cranny” places to hide her femme things. However, a hooped crinoline would have been just too hard.

The “normal shot” has some history as well. In addition to period dress, Tricia just loves classy evening gowns and the one I am wearing came from Light in the Box, one of the well-known Chinese online retailers. Very cheap for the amount of work involved in the dress, but I made a critical error in the bust measurement in the first one and left it at that, until such time as I wore it and the strawberry blonde wig you see in the photo. Then I just had to reorder it in the correct size for as is evident, the hair color and style, plus the superb makeover, make Tricia look at least 20 years younger than her male self. I just love the beading, the color and especially the brush train…

The “downer” with this hair and dress combination came at the Seahorse Society Ball in Sydney in August 2014 when the makeup artist was substandard and made Tricia look not much better than a “man in a dress.” That event was supposed to just about be the pinnacle of Tricia’s crossdressing career, so the night was a bit of a letdown. What was especially disappointing, given Tricia’s SO knows about her, but does approve, it took months of planning to organize a “legitimate” side trip in order to get to the Ball. That “excuse” is unlikely to work ever again.

But there was a funny side. The ball is held at a hotel close to Sydney airport. At “pre ball cocktails” there was circa 200 attendees all “frocked up to the nines” milling in the bar, foyer and reception area. In the same area was a large group of goggle-eyed tourists. Tricia doubts what they saw that night was included in their “Australian holiday sightseeing tour package!!!” Sydney Harbour and kangaroos for sure, but not a very large group, (of in some cases, 6’3”) "women" in killer high heels

Happy dressing everyone!

My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto. ― Stana

Source: Intermix
Source: Intermix

Belfast, Ireland
A student in Belfast, Ireland femulated the school principal for charity.

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  1. Those dresses are beautiful. I really admire your taste and your presentation