Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do I confuse you?

True Colors Conference, 2009

I apologize for the confusion.

In Wednesday's post, I wrote, "today is my birthday." Problem is that I wrote that post on Tuesday (my birthday), but published it early Wednesday.

Unless I get distracted by something more important, I usually write blog posts one day before they are published, which is typically just after midnight local time.

You may ask, "What can be more important than writing a blog post?"

I don't know, but stuff happens. Or sometimes stuff doesn't happen and I don't know what to write about. Or sometimes the stuff that happens goes by the name of  "writer's block."

How about the news that Lana Wachowski's sister (former brother) Lilly came out as transgender, too!

It still is winter, isn't it? You'd never know it as records are being broken in this neck of the woods with the temperature climbing past the 81F/27C degree mark.

This is not normal. I recall last year, it snowed the night before the True Colors Conference. But in light of this winter's weather, snow is not much of a concern as the True Colors Conference approaches (on March 18-19).

I am looking forward to the conference where I will be presenting "Makeup Basics for Trans Females," which is described thusly, "Putting on your face can be a cosmetic calamity if you don't have a roadmap. This workshop provides guidance and tips for the transgender female on how to successfully navigate the world of cosmetics so that she can start looking like the female she really is."

In addition to presenting, I will help staff the booth that the local transgenders will have at the conference. So, it will be a full day as a woman.

Source: Jessica London
Wearing Jessica London.


Adolf Dymsza
Adolf Dymsza in the 1937 Polish film Niedorajda.

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  1. so your birthday was actually international women's day. 'confused? you will be after this episode of Soap!' showing my age; geez was that really 35+ years ago?
    many happy returns anyway.