Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tips for Halloween Working Girls

Ready for work, Halloween 2013
Since I am fast-approaching my sixth trip going to work as a woman for Halloween, I am passing along some things I have learned over the years.

As some wisewoman once opined, "Time is of the essence." Since most of us do not normally dress female for work, it is a good idea to plan ahead so that our high heels are not late when they make their first click on the company premises.
So, on the night before:

  • Pick out your outfit and have all its parts (including undies, hosiery, jewelry, shoes, outerwear, etc.) out and ready to wear.

  • Comb and style your wig so it is ready to crown your head with minimum fuss.

  • Set up your makeup mirror and lay out the makeup you plan to use so you won't have to go looking for something missing in the morning.

  • Remove all body hair that your outfit will expose.

  • Transfer your "papers" from your boy wallet to your girl wallet and pack your handbag including an extra pair of hosiery and extra fake fingernails just in case.

  • Set your alarm clock to go off earlier than usual so you will have adequate time to prepare to be a woman (I usually set mine an hour earlier than usual).

On the big day:

  • If your outfit includes high heels, take a pair of flats with you, too. They will come in handy (or should I say "footy") if your feet tire from wearing heels all day. Also, if you are not used to driving in heels, wear the flats during your commute.

  • Bring a bag of candy to share during your workplace trick or treat.

  • If the other girls don't invite you to lunch, go out during your lunch hour and do something outside the workplace as a woman. Go grocery shopping. Go to a sandwich shop. Go to the mall and try on some dresses. 

And don't worry about passing ― it's Halloween!

Source: HauteLook
Wearing Alexia Admor.

Bryan Boy
Bryan Boy's 2014 Anna Wintour Halloween costume


  1. I was OK with the high-heel boots at the office all day last year, but had to switch to flats to take my little guy trick-or-treating. This year, with Halloween on a Saturday, I shouldn't have the same issue.

  2. Thanks for the tips. You make me want to femulate! :) sara e