Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Negotiate Stairs (and Avoid Stares)

When I put on my first pair of high heels over 50 years, I took to them like a duck takes to webbed feet. There was no break-in period; from the get-go, I walked in heels like I had been doing it all my life.

Truth be told, I had been doing it all my life. As a youngster, I walked on my tip toes and it took me years to learn to walk in a more manly manner. Since walking on my tip toes was natural to me, walking in high heels was easy. (God, I was so meant to be a girl!)

Fifty years later, I still walk in heels, but a woman's got to know her limitations, so I have given up walking in anything with a heel over 4 inches in height. (My equilibrium is not what it used to be and when standing still, I begin to sway if my heels are over the 4-inch mark.)

Although I am very adept at walking in heels, getting up and down a flight of stairs in heels is still an adventure. I prefer an elevator when I change floors, but sometimes that is not an option and I have to take the stairs. (And don't get me started on my battles with escalators! Given a choice, I will take the stairs rather than use an escalator.)

I receive weekly missives from Abby Wallker (of Vivian Lou Insolia insoles fame) and I was pleased to see that her subject this week is how to walk up and down stairs in heels. Here is the link to her informative instructions.

By the way, I swear by Insolia insoles and have a pair inserted in every pair of high heels I own.

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  2. I suspect that's not a first time for today's Femulator!

    Walking up stairs in heels is easy, as is walking up hill, it's coming down that requires concentration. I have yet to actually fall over but I have had the odd moment of insecurity!

    1. I agree, Paula - just look how easy it is to walk upstairs on tiptoe, or the ball of the foot. Now try walking DOWN as easily...

  3. How, how, how I wish that was me in that photo and class oom. What I love about it is the abscie ince of a wig.I would love to be femulating in mi own hai , and not wea ing a wig to disguise who I am.What appea s to be an all gils class makes it that much bettte. The Gi ls comments a e no doubt all positive towads in well and beautiful he is with the pefectl co dinating outfit he's got on.--All gu s shold be so luck .

  4. Guys wearing any attire like dresses and heels should be just another common expression of individual tastes, the same way girls in shirt and jeans outfits with work boots are considered appropriate. The argument that society has defined what it wants people to look like so that others won't have to guess anyone's orientation has taken away our natural freedom to make personal choices as to what we can choose to wear. A person wearing the attire they find intriguing to present their personality is the natural way appareling is meant to function. Making people wear what others prefer is one of the definitions of bullying or a type of enslavement and civilization has grown to accept it as the way things work. Restoring the choice of what to wear back to individual agency would be a progressive leap forward in supporting each other to be real and it would help to achieve living life according to each of our potentials, which in turn could lead to the better understanding of our human condition.

  5. Well, I found a new danger to remember walking down stairs... walking down in the dark in 4 inch stilettos, I was approaching the turn in the stairs.... and hit my head on the floor above! (Ok, I am about 5 foot 18 in the shoes....). Good news though, did not cut my head, and did not even wobble, which considering I saw stars.. I must be doing something right!