Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Negotiate Stairs (and Avoid Stares)

When I put on my first pair of high heels over 50 years, I took to them like a duck takes to webbed feet. There was no break-in period; from the get-go, I walked in heels like I had been doing it all my life.

Truth be told, I had been doing it all my life. As a youngster, I walked on my tip toes and it took me years to learn to walk in a more manly manner. Since walking on my tip toes was natural to me, walking in high heels was easy. (God, I was so meant to be a girl!)

Fifty years later, I still walk in heels, but a woman's got to know her limitations, so I have given up walking in anything with a heel over 4 inches in height. (My equilibrium is not what it used to be and when standing still, I begin to sway if my heels are over the 4-inch mark.)

Although I am very adept at walking in heels, getting up and down a flight of stairs in heels is still an adventure. I prefer an elevator when I change floors, but sometimes that is not an option and I have to take the stairs. (And don't get me started on my battles with escalators! Given a choice, I will take the stairs rather than use an escalator.)

I receive weekly missives from Abby Wallker (of Vivian Lou Insolia insoles fame) and I was pleased to see that her subject this week is how to walk up and down stairs in heels. Here is the link to her informative instructions.

By the way, I swear by Insolia insoles and have a pair inserted in every pair of high heels I own.

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  2. I suspect that's not a first time for today's Femulator!

    Walking up stairs in heels is easy, as is walking up hill, it's coming down that requires concentration. I have yet to actually fall over but I have had the odd moment of insecurity!

    1. I agree, Paula - just look how easy it is to walk upstairs on tiptoe, or the ball of the foot. Now try walking DOWN as easily...

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