Friday, October 9, 2015

Life in the Femme Lane

Skimming some of my 5-year-old blog posts, I noticed the names of the folks who left comments in 2010 and realized that most regular commenters from back then no longer left comments and have not done so in a long time.

That got me curious, so I skimmed even older blog posts and found the same thing  after awhile regular commenters stop commenting.

Why's that?

My guess is that they outgrew the blog; they no longer needed the "pearls of wisdom" I had to offer because they were out and about discovering for themselves about living life in the femme lane.

I can only hope that my blog posts helped them get out and about.

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Chloe.

Source: Michelle
Michelle at work, Halloween 2013

I (we) of course don't need Halloween as an excuse to be out dressed anymore, not for a long time, but there does seem to be something special about going in to your place of business, isn't there? I suppose it's because co-workers, friends and acquaintances are seeing you as a woman, even (or maybe especially so) if you're not out.  Michelle


  1. Stana -

    I'll bet that it is a mix of 2 things:

    1. They (your readers) have outgrown the need to be reassured that they can go out en-femme themselves.

    2. They have noticed patterns of stories repeating themselves over the years, and are looking for fresh "voices" to pick up on. (It you're out and about as we are, we will have frequently recurring stories and patterns....)

    Nothing wrong with either. You still serve as an inspiration - to me too, even though I go out and about as if I were born with a "female" body without thinking about it....


    1. still love your blog. maybe others have run out of things to comment. 'Femulators' often has interesting media items. Always good to get out en femme, sorry to hear you will have to miss FF. Plenty to go to on this side of the pond in winter.

  2. I have only written a few times but still read you blog every day. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  3. My issue is time - I still read my fave blogs (including yours) every morning, but usually on my phone, and it's just not as easy to comment as when you're sitting before a laptop or PC.

  4. I am a regular reader of your work, it is quite well done. I enjoy the articles and blogs, your contributors are usually where I live. I don't write a lot because I have remained so closeted, but hopefully that can change sometime. I appreciate all the work you do and I luv your style!
    Hugs Michelle

  5. I have been a faithful reader for years and and very rare emailer. When you take a tour at Jack Daniel's distillery the tour guide says: "please keep drinkin what we'er makin". Please know that we are here and we keep drinking in what you're writing.

  6. I would not be surprised it you've not only enlightened lives but perhaps helped save a few too. May never know for sure but . . ..

    Miss you in PTown.


  7. Sometimes, there's nothing that needs to be added to a post. People come and go. Some give up, some lay low, while others blossom and move on. It's all very varied.

    For what it's worth, I read pretty much every post - hello RSS! :-) - but I rarely comment. Keep at it. Life would be less interesting without Femulate.

  8. I've been reading your posts on and off for a number of years Stana. When I first started I was using the name Holly B, and have since gone back to the name I had always used as a young TG and is the fem version of my male name. I've enjoyed all the blogs that I have read. You have a wnderful ability to make your point in a very smart and quick manner. I have also commented on a number of them, just to bring my opinion in to the fold. I did come everyday. But when I do I read back to where I left of. You have a very similar precept of transgender and femulating as I do. But you have your own take as well, which broadens all of our thoughts and concerns. Hope all is well and that you for this little bit of funny interesting compassionate important part of yourself !