Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Working Girl Femulation

I love this trend! 

Jennifer Michelle Jordan is another girl, who went to work en femme on Halloween. I know I did not start this trend, but by example, I have been an evangelist of going to work as just another working girl on Halloween

Anyway, here is Jennifer's story followed by her photo.

I have been following your blog for years and really enjoy every post. You spend so much time giving us so much information about yourself and your travels plus all kinds of great style ideas. Please keep up the great work and let us girls enjoy you blog always.

I have been crossdressing as long as I can remember, I really enjoy the classic office look, skirt suit, pretty blouse and heels. Last year I got my courage up to go the the office dressed for Halloween. I was extremely nervous as no one knew of my hobby.

I got to the office and no one recognized me, at first thinking I was a visitor. When all the light bulbs went off for my fellow co-workers heads, they were in awe. The women loved how much trouble I had gone to come to the office this way. Most men just could not believe it was me.

After the initial fear of being in the office, it was a super day. Several of the ladies talked to me at end on breaks and lunch. They wanted me to go with them for a couple of drinks after work, but alas I had to go home and Cinderella was back to her pumpkin.

Thank you so much for letting me tell you my story,


Jennifer Michelle Jordan

Source: Jennifer Michelle Jordan's working girl Halloween costume
Jennifer Michelle Jordan's working girl Halloween costume

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.


  1. Love stories like this. Wish my company did at least something for halloween, but my company is far too conservative. Also is it right to call this a hobby? I figured it was always referred to as a lifestyle.

    1. In the past, I called it "my hobby" as a cover story for civilians who asked. Today, I just tell them I am "trans."