Friday, October 23, 2015

Femulating on the Tube

High School Girls

Anna Maria and Paula alerted me to a Shiseido cosmetics advertisement featuring what is purported to be a class of Japanese high school girls, who are actually femulated boys. The ad is amazing not only because the femulations are perfect, but because of the time and effort put into producing the ad.

You can see the ad here:

And you can see how the ad was produced here:

I'll Switch

Poking around the Internet, I discovered The Switch, a television show from Chile, which features femulators competing in song. The program is sort of a combination of The Voice and Ru Paul's Drag Race.

The contestants are drag queens female impersonators, that is "men who live a regular life throughout the day... but in the evening they transform themselves into great (pop) stars." but in In my opinion, their transformations are less drag and more ladylike, that is, they look more like professional female singers rather than drag queens.

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube from The Switch. Here are two samples:

By the way, The Switch is also the name of a new Canadian television program, which "features Julie Vu, a transgender woman and YouTube sensation, in the lead role of an upwardly mobile IT manager who loses her job and Vancouver apartment after coming out of the closet.

"But rather than being a downer, the Canadian single-camera comedy follows Vu's character as she rebuilds her life in Vancouver's queer underground with the help of friends, including five transgender characters, each played by a transgender actor." (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper.

Christopher Hewett
Actor Christopher Hewett plays the femulating Roger De Bris
in the original 1967 version of the film The Producers.
Gary Beach
Actor Gary Beach plays the femulating Roger De Bris
in the 2005 remake of The Producers.


  1. That Japanese video is astonishing. Wish I'd been sent to that school.

  2. Dear Stana,

    Thank You for sharing. FABULOUS!!!

    Asian males from the Orient generally seem to have the perfect facial structure and features to femulate beautifully. There are so many examples of gorgeous femulating by males from the Orient on various TV shows, etc. I believe you have posted in the past articles on cafes in Tokyo that featured entire femulated staffs. Apparently, crossdressing is not the taboo in parts of the Orient (like it is in the USA). Fortunately, American attitudes are improving regarding transgender issues ... but still a long way to go.



  3. Hi Stana, In Spanish, and particularly in Chile, a "transformista" is not a drag queen at all. The translation into English would be "female impersonator". The voice in Spanish says "there are men who live a regular life throughout the day... but in the evening they transform themselves into great (pop) stars... soon we will broadcast a star studded talent show never seen before (in Chile I presume)... we will elect the best female impersonator in Chile..."

    The way this is being presented, I get the impression that these are heterosexual impersonators and, again, not drag queens at all. I hope to be able to watch this show on-line.

    Anna María

    1. Thank you for the correction, Anna Maria. I updated the post accordingly.