Monday, October 19, 2015


Sunday, I was moping around the house feeling sorry for myself because I was not going to Provincetown for Fantasia Fair.

l checked the time and it was high noon. If I had left for P-Town at 9 AM as I had for past Fantasia Fair trips, I figured that by now I would be off the Interstates and on the Cape working my way up Route 6 for the final hour of travel to Provincetown.

With visions of Commercial Street dancing in my head, I glanced out the window and noticed that it was snowing! I have never seen it snow this early in the fall before and it made me shiver thinking about walking around Provincetown in a skirt.

Last year, it rained almost every day during Fantasia Fair, but at least, it was not cold. The forecast for the next few days is for unseasonably cold weather. The temperature got down to 32 Saturday night and Sunday night is supposed to be colder. It will not be much different on the Cape, but it is expected to be more seasonable later this week.

The weather almost makes me glad I did not go to Fantasia Fair! Notice I wrote “almost.”

Source: MyHabit
Wearing Love...ady.

Lauralee's Halloween costume
We attended a play at a little theatre and my wife wore my work shirt, pants and company logo cap. Despite my height 6' 4" without heels, some people were unsure if I was man or woman. One older lady after sitting next to me for a bit blurted out "You're a man!" This outfit is a little over the top, but it's Halloween. Could have done a better job with the makeup, but didn't want the patrons wondering if I did this on a regular basis.


  1. We're missing you but you nailed it. Coming through Wellfleet I hit a snow squall that momentarily made it look like a January blizzard. It flurried into the early evening. Last night was the coldest I've experienced out here and the airport was advertising 39 degrees at six am this morning. :-(

    I've got nylons on under jeans, just for the insulation!!


    1. Tuesday the weather was beautiful here. Shirtsleeve and miniskirt weather. Hope you had the same there!

  2. Cute image in you blog. I am headed to CT for the day on Wednesday, I hope it warms up.