Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Out On A Limb

I'll going out on a limb with this, but I don't think Kim Kardashian is so hot. In my opinion, she is not very pretty and far from beautiful. And by the way, I am not impressed by big rear ends.

I can think of hundreds of women, both male and female, who are prettier than Kim. She is certainly not someone I would want to femulate.

But that's me. Obviously, there are a lot of people who would disagree with my assessment including a New York transwoman who underwent tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery to look like Kardashian!

Each to her own!

Anyway, I leave you with this interesting video from Down Under where a four guys undergo professional makeovers to be pin-up models. Guess which one I liked the best?

Source: Metrostyle
Wearing Metrostyle.

Adrian Pasdar
Actor Adrian Pasdar in the 1992 British film Just Like A Woman.


  1. Stana -

    I think that Kim K is not just "un pretty", but she is "fugly". Exaggerated backsides do not turn me on - they are complete turnoffs to me. I'll admit that one of my ideals of feminine beauty is the late Greta Garbo. But I also like women such as Mae West, Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg, Meryl Streep, and Katherine Heigl. They all fit within the norms for their eras, and are stunning in their own ways.

    At least we know one woman that Sir Mixalot would like.....


  2. Kendall is the most beautiful of the Jenner/Kardashian ladies

  3. Frankly a flat bottom looks awful!! That said Kim Kardashian is overrated.

  4. I'm with you. I never could understand all the hoopla.

  5. I am in complete agreement with you about Kim. The pinup model video, how I would love a professional makeover...

  6. I agree about Kim, although I do like a LITTLE junk in the trunk. I also think Adrian P makes an attractive woman. JUST LIKE A WOMAN is one of my favorite films.

  7. I vote Kendall too, in this particular clan. And I really liked Just Like a Woman; awful hard to find now though.

  8. I could not disagree with you more about Kendall. I think that she is as shallow as the rest of them except for Caitlin who is the only one who has been real so far. I also believe that all they are is a image for people to admire and worship and except for Caitlin that they have no talent to speak of.

    1. Hihi! I never said Kendall was deep, or whomever else; I never even watched the show. "... an image for people to admire...", that's true enough, as with many other people, may they be men, women, cis-, trans-, or martians.
      "...and worship...", hahaha! This is a reality show about rich people totally disconnected from the rest of the world. Nothing to worship there but the almighty dollar. Having money doesn't bring happiness, but crying in a Porsche GT3, coming back from the golf club beats crying on the bus coming back from working your second shift of the day. This is pretty far from most of our lives.