Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I never watched The Monkees.

I liked their music, but their television show was too juvenile for me. So when I researched the matter, I was surprised to find that all four Monkees dressed en femme on the program at one time or another. In fact, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones donned lady's apparel more than once. (This and the previous three installments of Femulate feature the four Monkees in the Femulator spotlight.)

If I had known that, I probably would have tuned in once in awhile because I was desperate for anything related to crossdressing. Back then, there was next to nothing. One line in our family's encyclopedia was all I could find.

On a trip to New York City circa 1970, I saw Drag magazine on the newsstands. I so wanted to purchase a copy, but I hesitated because I went to The City with one of my friends and I did not want him to know about my penchant for female finery.

Finally, after seeing the magazine on numerous Manhattan newsstands that day, I could not resist any longer. I quickly grabbed a copy off the newsstand and handed it to the dealer, who gave me a dirty look and deposited my purchase in a brown paper bag. I quickly stuck the brown paper bag into a shopping bag full of other stuff I had bought that day .

My friend saw the whole thing and asked me what I bought. I said, "Nothing" and he did not pursue the matter. Maybe he was putting two and two together, recalling my Halloween visit to his home a year or two earlier when I went out dressed en femme for the first time.

I lost touch with my friend, but someday I would like him to meet Stana and explain myself.

Source: ShopStyle
Wearing Ted Baker.

Peter Tork
Peter Tork femulates in an episode of television's The Monkees (1966-1968).


  1. Growing up there was so little about cross dressing, and the little there was mostly making cross dressers figures of fun. The message of society's disapproval was very clear (with the exception of the fabulous Danny LaRue) it is hardly surprising that many of us feared to come out.

    Now we have much more positive information and images through the internet, and now on main stream TV it is hardly surprising that both young and old are now beginning to feel the freedom to come out and be honest about ourselves.

  2. I own a VHS tape of 2 Monkees episodes, both contain crossdressing - the episode your still here is from (where 2 of them dress) and one where they enter a talent contest then find it is for mixed groups. Davey then goes in drag for most of the episode.