Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In your dreams!

I came across the following article on the Internet Monday morning and it sure got my attention!

After the initial shock and awe ('Aw, isn't "she" cute!') wore off, I smelled a rat.

First clue was the lower photo. It was not proportioned correctly; no professional media provider would do such a sloppy job.

Next, I reread the article and found numerous spelling ("thou") and grammatical errors, most notably not ending past tense verbs with -ed ("look" vs. "looked") and the lack of commas where there should be commas.

I searched the Internet for the news article and found nothing. 

I aslo searched for "Lafayette Reporter" and its esteemed writer "Helen Rodriquez" and came up empty. (The article even misspelled Rodriguez!)

I did find a Lafayette Little League in Louisiana, but there was no "Beth Sadler" among its staff and no mention of a "Little Miss Lafayette" pageant, nor the fact that "Jacob Sadler" was its winner.

Finally, I performed a Google Image search for the photos and the only other place they appear is on crossdressing-related websites that republished the same article.

And so it goes. 

Source: ideel
Wearing Emma & Michele.

Northview High School womanless pageant
Winner of the 2014 womanless beauty pageant at Northview High School in Century, Florida.

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