Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where to Find Shoes Over Size 10

The best brands for larger-footed ladies

It’s one thing to covet a killer pair of heels only to discover they’re sold out. It’s an entirely different thing when said pair isn’t even made in your size. Thus is the plight of ladies who wear shoes above a size 10 (two PureWow editors included). Luckily, there are a number of brands that cater to larger sizes without sacrificing style. Here, 13 of our favorites.

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Source: Nordstrom
Wearing St. Johns Boutiques.

Lori Voice
Lori Voice, professional femulator circa 1970


  1. I was at a "bit of a do" last night where we had Trans Women at various stages of transition, cross dressers and drag artists ~ needless to say it was fun ~ here in London we have a growing and vibrant drag scene, but I wonder, where have the female impersonators gone? who is Danny La Rue's successor?

    1. Sally StoneJuly 21, 2015

      Paula, what an interesting question! Perhaps the fact that the trans community is so much more visible has made the art of female impersonation so commonplace there is no real demand for a performer to do it.

    2. I think Sally is partly correct in that, there are lots more female impersonators these days but not all become star entertainers. Danny stood out, he was one of the first all round entertainers. I can’t remember anyone else around like him at the time. I had the privilege to meet him a couple of times in London when I lived there, lovely chap. Here in Germany we have a few impersonators that do comedy and can sing on the stage and TV. Conchita Wurst is also an entertainer in his own way, although the beard masks for me a lovely face. I think the demand is still there but not everyone is up to it.

  2. Footprints on the Berlin Turnpike, I'm going there this morning for a new pair of sandals.

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2015

    Possibly you have seen this transgender pageant in Brazil:

  4. Lynn wrote:

    Thought is would add a source for larger size shoes.


    I have always had very good luck with this company.

    Discreet shipping and even some styles in wide sizes too.

  5. Try finding heels when you wear 14's mens (16 womens). I'm pretty much stuck wearing hooker heels.