Friday, July 31, 2015


Dave Foley femulates for the Halloween
office party on television's NewsRadio.
We are on the brink of August, which means we are on the brink of autumn, my favorite season.

Some of you are thinking, "She's crazy! Summer is only half over... there are over six weeks before fall arrives."

By the calendar, that is true, but in my neck of the woods on the top of a 1000-foot hill in Southern New England, the summer weather lasts about eight weeks tops and the autumn weather shows up in late August (there is a tree across the street that begins changing colors in about two weeks).

I do not enjoy hot summer weather. When the thermometer is in the neighborhood of 90 degrees, I glisten profusely due to the wig, makeup, shapewear, etc. Sure, I could wear my bikini when the weather heats up, but summer will be over by the time I get rid of all the hair that fashion statement requires. So autumn is for me.

As fall approaches, my thoughts turn to Fantasia Fair. I have attended four times, always have a great time and would love to see the friends I have made at past Fairs, but due to family health issues, I cannot get away for a week, However, a half-week might be doable... I will have to make up my mind soon if I want to get a room at the inn.

Autumn also means that Halloween is on its way. In fact, it is three months from today, but falls on a Saturday this year.

Going to work en femme on Halloween has become an annual event, but since I don't work on Saturdays, I will have to go to work en femme on the Friday before Halloween. Since Fridays are casual dress days at my workplace, skinny jeans or leggings might be more appropriate than a skirt or dress, but I have plenty of time to decide.

Source: DressBarn.
Wearing DressBarn.

Seth Atwell
Seth Atwell, male model of womenswear.


  1. I share your anticipation of the cooler weather. Dressing in the heat and humidity presents challenges I do not need.

    Even if it is a casual Friday, proper 'secretarial look' office attire for Halloween is never out of place. Look up and to your right and follow your own mantra..."If in doubt, overdress".


  2. For a moment then I thought you had slipped up and published two Femulate Her photos!

    I too look forward to Autumn, even though I love the summer weather here, not too extreme, comfortable warmth rather than baking heat, I am now beginning to look forward to getting my boots out.

  3. Seth Atwell - Holy Cow! He is stunningly gorgeous!

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2015

    Try femulating in the Pride Parade in Atlanta back when they held it in June. It usually was so hot it only took about five minutes before my eye makeup had run down into my pantyhose!