Monday, July 6, 2015

The Personal Politics of Public Bathrooms

Like magic, Ann Friedman's article from The Cut, "The Personal Politics of Public Bathrooms," appeared the day after I published my "Sit to Pee" post. It is a good read and here are some quotes from the article to entice you to read it.

"...anti-trans activists, who have deliberately made bathrooms a battleground by stoking wholly irrational fears about people who express their gender differently. They have deftly flipped the script, portraying gender-conforming women as the ones who are most at-risk, when in fact the opposite is true."

"...even if someone is perceived to be using the “wrong” bathroom, police have no basis for questioning them or asking for ID, according to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Truly, none of us have a basis for questioning the gender of someone else who’s minding their own business in the stall or at the sink next to us."

Source: ideel
Wearing Sharagano.

Fran Heuser
Fran Heuser, male model

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