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Ms. Stana,

Should I take some voice lessons or should I just speak softly or as little as possible when I femulate in public?

Thank you for your time and patience, Love ya and you go gurl!!!

Ms.Stacey Anne Smith, Ms.Trixie and Ms. Brooke

Hi Stana,

The issue I would most like to improve is my feminine voice. I think I follow the basics, e.g., speaking less harshly, raising the pitch (without overdoing it) and speaking more slowly. Is there a good tutorial (or alternative) that is not too expensive and to which I could get access? Or even some exercises that would improve this part of my presentation.

I’ve heard the name Melanie Phillips being mentioned, but all enquiries have met with a dead end.

Hoping you can help,

Michelle x

Hi Ladies,

If you are going to present as a woman, you should speak like a woman. Your femulation may look like Angelina, but if you sound like Brad, it’s not going to work.

Speaking as little as possible or not at all will work, but it will make it very difficult to interact with other people.

Depending on your natural voice, speaking softly and raising your pitch ever so slightly might work.
Voice lessons will work, but they can be expensive.

I looked for inexpensive voice lessons and discovered Melanie Ann Phillips course.

When I purchased the course, it was only available in VHS format, so I dubbed the audio to a cassette tape and played it every day on my commute to and from work.

At first, I was disappointed ― my voice still sounded the same and nothing like Melanie Ann Phillips perfect femme voice.

But one day after about three weeks in, this fabulous femme voice came from my lips. I was shocked and could not believe that voice was coming from me!

In addition to perfecting the sound of your voice, Melanie’s course also covers how to use that sound, that is, she not only teaches you how to make your voice sound like a lady, but how to enunciate like a lady and what words and phrases to use and avoid to sound ladylike.

Her course has been updated since the VHS version and is now available as MP3 files that you can download to your MP3 player or smart phone. The course only cost $19.95 US... here is the link.

I highly recommend it.

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  1. The best way to teach yourself is to pinch your voice rather than use falsetto. Use the recording feature of your cell and record yourself and then listen back. When you start to hear a woman talking back you know you have it. Should take a few weeks of practice.

    By the way the picture is of Cate McGregor who was a high ranking military officer in the Australian army and then she transitioned while still in it. Don't know who the young woman next to her is.


  2. Kathe Perez / Exceptional Voice is one of the best voice coaches in the country and regularly appears at T conventions and events. I met her about 14 years ago and we attended Gold Rush, Esprit and the IFGE conference together, so I was fortunate to have lots of opportunities to hear her presentations, and was part of one. I believe she also collaborates with Melanie Phillips. I'm not sure how much her tutorial costs but she has an online app called EVA you can buy for $5. You can find it at Kathe is a wonderful person and a great supporter of our community, and I vouch for her abilities and products. It may not be smooth and sultry but I have a passable fem voice thanks to her coaching.

    Good Luck

  3. If you live in Connecticut, the University of Connecticut at Storrs has a voice training group session each semester, contact the Rainbow Center for more information. Also I understand that Southern CT State University might also offer voice training.