Wednesday, June 3, 2015

March 1962

Source: Rhonda Williama
Rhonda Williama

By Rhonda Williams

Today's post is written by regular Femulate reader and occasional Femulate contributor, Rhonda Williams.

March 1962, was a time when an important awakening occurred for me. Although born a boy and a very normal 14 year-old acting boy, I knew that deep inside me I was different. I loved my mother’s beautiful shoes. I preferred the company of girls at a time when most boys called them icky. I would go to bed at night thinking how wonderful it would be to wake up the next morning a girl. I loved the woman’s section of the Sears’ catalog and studied it at every opportunity. I remember, oh so well, the beautiful red dress my cousin wore one Sunday singing in the church choir. Oh, what I would have given to look like she did – maybe be her. Yes, different, but I did not know the depth or that my feeling had a name.

Why March 1962?

I ran with a little older group of boys from my neighborhood and they knew about a magazine called Sexology. It pretended to be scientific with doctors contributing scholarly articles about sex. Remember these were the dark ages of sex education so this addressed notions not talked about in polite company or any company.

As we passed Sexology around the car and read it, I had my life-informing moment. In an article Dr. Virginia Prince wrote entitled “166 Men in Dresses,” she wrote about her Transvestia magazine and transvestism, a term I had never heard of, much less associate myself. I was not even sure how to pronounce it, but saw myself there. A great weight was lifted. I was not the only one – there was this man called Virginia and me! I felt this inclination was so odd that I had to be the only person on the planet that felt this way.

There was no Internet, no on-line bulletin boards, no AOL and sex was barely mentioned. Certainly, the concept of a boy/man wanting to present as a woman could not be discussed or even hinted. The magazine Sexology was sold from under the counter and how my friends knew about it, I do not know. But, wow! And double Wow!

I went about the process of growing up knowing that transvestism or as we know it now, being transgender, would need to be dealt with, but, that came later.

So we have come a long way, baby. Caitlyn Jenner is on the front cover of the mainstream publication, Vanity Fair.

Thank you Virginia for opening the door of enlightenment for me. We are yet to see how the Caitlyn Jenner reality circus will play out, but I hope this will be an awakening for many, as was my 1962 moment.

Transgender now has a face. A tentative “Thank you, Caitlyn.”

Source: Madeleine
Wearing Madeleine

Watching SNL reruns on VH1, my transradar went off during a commercial for an upcoming VH1 show featuring a variety of rock performers. As the announcer rattled off the performers who will appear, short video clips of those performers appeared on the screen and I noticed that one of the performers, Ezra Furman, was wearing a dress.

Using Google, I discovered that Ezra is a rock performer who occasionally wears female attire. Google turned up photos of Ezra performing on stage in a dress and also pointed to a music video for his song "Restless Year," where he really gets femmed up. 

Here is the link to the video  I think you will enjoy it.


  1. Never read that magazine but it provides a glimpse into you! How refreshing. As usual, a pleasure to read what you write, Stana. Thanks for being!

    1. I never read that magazine either, Billie! Today's post was written by Rhonda.

    2. Well, thanks goes to Rhonda for bringing the magazine to our attention.

  2. Did you notice, in Ezra's video, when he's in a group of people, some more are femulating. Very cool video, thanks!

    1. Yes - I did notice. It was a very interesting video and I want to learn more about Ezra.

    2. AnonymousJune 04, 2015

      Hi Stana,
      Ezra is not a femulator in the technical sense. He is just unmistakably male with a preference for traditionally female garments. I saw him in a concert in my home town. He tends to wear a not very spectacular skirt or a sundress, sometimes over skinny jeans, just like any girl of his age would do.
      Love Maren

  3. Thank you Rhonda (and Stana) for the nice guest post. I am just a few years younger than you and I suspect that I first realized that there was a term (transvestism) that seemed to fit some of my proclivities. I have very clear memories of paging through the Sears catalog and having no sisters I did like to watch what the girls and woman would wear to church.

    I think that much more good than not will come from the Bruce/Caitlin Jenner emergence.


    PS: I have no recall of 'Sexology' magazine. I would like to know if anyone has access to the "166 Men in Dresses" article by Virginia Prince.

    1. Google indicates that the article was reprinted in the summer 1995 issue of IFGE's quarterly "Transgender Tapestry." Back issues are available from the IFGE website.

  4. AnonymousJune 03, 2015

  5. Stana, The ladies and I would like to know your thoughts on Ms. Caitlyn Jenner "coming out" to the world. Are you going to do that? and if so when? Please tell us either way. Thanks, Ms. Stacey Anne.