Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday's Weather Was Wet!

Fantasia Fair: Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My umbrella was a key accessory on Wednesday as it rained off and on throughout the day and night.

I wore my black print dress from Fashion to Figure and my black wedges from Payless.

In the morning, I made a beeline to Boatslip to look for my black heels. My fingers were crossed as I entered the empty room where the Femulate Blog Party occurred and there were my shoes still in the black plastic bag I had carried them in! I was very happy.

After recovering my shoes, I attended Erica Anderson's presentation titled "Being Gendered: From the Inside Out and the Outside In; How the Social Construction of Gender Affects Self." She was highly recommended by the girls and I was not disappointed.

Fashion Show Intermission
Photo shot by Melissa

Erica is a few years younger than I and began living full-time later in life, so I felt I had a lot in common with her. If she had a book to sell, I would have bought it on the spot.

Bayside Betsy’s is one of my favorite places to eat and that is where lunched on a delicious "grilled chicken sandwich on brioche roll, topped with sautéed spinach, Swiss cheese, avocado, roasted red peppers, mayo and served with house side salad topped with champagne vinaigrette."

After lunch, I attended the keynote address "Evolution of an Activist: How to Keep Busy Helping Others for Fun and (almost no) Profit" by Jamison Green.

After Jamison's address, I returned to my B&B to rest and change outfits for the evening switching to my blue print Sofia Vergara wrap dress and blue Avon jewelry. Since we were not straying too far from the B&B, I wore the dear-to-my-heart Payless black patent heels.

I promised myself that I would never eat at Lobster Pot again. The food is good, but I think they are living off their reputation, not up to their reputation. Yet lacking any better venues for dinner, the girls decided to eat at the Lobster Pot and so we went.

The dining room was far from full... probably less than one-quarter full, yet it took the waiter over 20 minutes before he took our order. He also referred to us as "guys" and called me "brother" at one point in the evening.

You can crossdress freely and safely in Provincetown, but passing is very difficult during Fantasia Fair because the locals know what's up. However, most of the locals play along and use the pronouns we want to hear, but not our waiter!

My meal was OK... nothing special. We split the bill and each paid $45. (Remember that number.)

We arrived early at the Crown & Anchor for the fashion show and scored excellent seats up front next to the catwalk. Each model modeled two outfits  —  first, a more casual daytime outfit and second, a more formal evening outfit. In between was a brief intermission. The models were beautiful as were the outfits they wore.

Natasha modeled a to-die-for long "oriental style dress" that she bought in a store on Commercial Street. I always wanted an oriental style dress and since Natasha is tall like me, I thought there might be a chance I could buy one that fit me while attending Fantasia Fair, so I added "shopping for an oriental style dress" on my to-do list.

After the fashion show, my feet were sore, so I switched to my wedges and walked back to my B&B.

My week at Fashion Fair was more than half over and I started to feel a little disappointed over that fact.





Source: Light in The Box

Wearing YGR.






A 1920’s femulator.


  1. Glad you got your favorite heels back, Stana.

    1. Me, too. Payless online ran out of my size in black patent, so I could not buy another pair even if I wanted. (I did order four other pairs in other colors.)

  2. Love your narratives! Keep 'em coming...


    1. Glad you are not bored by them. (Sometimes I worry that my stories may be boring to my readers.)