Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Keep Your Makeup Where It Belongs

IMG_2369_www One of the dresses I bought at Fashion to Figure last week had a very narrow collar (see photo). Sans zipper or buttons, it was impossible to put the dress on without transferring some of my makeup onto the dress.

I loved the dress and bought it despite the collar issue. But I did mention the problem to the sales rep and she offered a solution.

Put the dress on before doing your makeup. Then put on a smock or old loose shirt over the dress to prevent the makeup from getting on the dress during application. 

In the past, I tried something similar with a towel, but the towel kept falling away. Now I can put some old boy mode clothes to good use. 

By the way,  hand-washing the soiled part of the dress for about three minutes readily removed the makeup.





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.





Actor GerardMcCarthy (left) femulating in British television’s Hollyoaks in 2006.


  1. My solution to make up on collars while pulling a dress over my head is to use a large net bag. There are various types you can use. Being a camper back packer, I have nylon / rayon stuff sacks, or mesquto head covering, or net laundry bag. All work great. I prefer to do my make up in my slips rather the after getting dressed as i always get makeup on an outfit while applying. A suppose an old mans shirt worn backwards would make a great smock. But I don't like putting something over what I all ready have on. Old habits are hard to break. Your.sales lady was very kind in sharing some womanly tricks! And of course you've made One more step forward for us gurls, thanks!

    1. Dear Hollybnh,

      I liked your reference to wearing a slip. As a crossdresser whose female clothing fashion sense was imprinted on me from about 1950 to 1965, I have always loved slips. I own at least 15 full slips and 10 half slips. They are mostly lace-trimmed nylon tricot slips, with the rest being satiny charmeuse. I ALWAYS wear a full slip or half slip with camisole under every dress, gown, or skirt. Full slips also can serve as pretty lingerie while relaxing at home. I have a few full brief style nylon tricot panties that match a couple of my slips, and those panty-slip sets are lovely to wear.



  2. In a pinch I've used a plastic grocery bag over my head to cover my head and neck if I put on a dress/top with a tight fitting collar, but I tend to wear mostly V or scoop neck now (just be sure you don't suffocate yourself) and I apply my lipstick and a final sweep of blush after that.

    1. I do a similar thing with an old tee-shirt over my head after makeup, pull on dress (or top) then pull shirt off. I am dating myself here, but the plastic bag reminds me too much of a ghastly scene from the movie "Charade" (Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant)... Pass.

  3. It is interesting that we all have our routines for dressing. In my case I will put on my bra and forms and a full slip. I will also wear my hose and heels and then apply my makeup. I often have trouble selecting an outfit until I am just about ready to leave. I days of old I had a few episodes where I wore my dress while applying my makeup and had spill issues. I would rather deal with a bit of makeup on the collar than a spill down the front of my dress.