Sunday, November 16, 2014

Raiding Her Closet



These two cartoons with a similar theme both appeared in the same issue of Playboy magazine, the November 1980 issue, which coincidentally also contained D. Keith Mano's article about Fantasia Fair.

During its heyday, Playboy seldom published cartoons with a crossdressing theme — perhaps one or two per year, so it was unusual to see two in the same issue. Maybe the Fantasia Fair article prompted the editors to dig into their backlog to find cartoons that were compatible with the Fan Fair article.

By the way, the cartoonists involved are big-time cartoonists in my book. The late Bill Hoest was best known for his daily comic strip The Lockhorns, while Skip Williamson was one of the premier underground cartoonists of the underground comix era.





Source: Victoria’s Secret

Wearing Victoria’s Secret.






Comedian Darren Trumeter femulating on a
2007 episode of television’s The Whitest Kids U’ Know.


  1. Here'a a trivia questions for you Stana: When The Lockhorns comic strip premiered it was originally called "The Lockhorns of _____________" - can you recall the city/town they lived in?
    The only reason this bit of trivia stays with me is because I grew up there, in NY :-) It wasn't too long before the the city/town name was dropped and it just became The Lockhorns.

  2. My wild guess was Lockport, but Wikipedia says Levittown.

  3. The Nell and Void cartoon says something about being "lured by the comfortable womb of transgender existence"... Well, I think I don't get the joke at all, because my (mostly fluid, I must say) existence feels anything but like a "comfortable womb". Someone has some thoughts on this?

  4. That was a good guess but Wikipedia is right - I grew up in Levittown. It was a good place to grow up but I'm glad I didn't stay. I'll have to check the Wikipedia entry to see why he picked Levittown and why it was dropped.