Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tea for Two Times Three

IMG_3944_www After I went shopping at the mall Friday morning, I attended an afternoon tea with five of my friends at Tea Rose's Tea Room in Downtown Cromwell.

My friends included four girls like me and the spouse of one of the girls. I have known these women like forever. (Talk about small worlds... one of the girls is the cousin of one of my best friends from grammar school.)

For over two hours, I enjoyed drinking tea, eating tea sandwiches and mini-desserts and chatting with my friends in a beautifully-appointed tea room. We were referred to as "ladies" and treated as ladies by our hostess. It was all very nice.

My only complaint was that I drank too much tea and had acid indigestion later in the afternoon. A woman's got to know her limitations, so next time I will drink less tea.





Holly Woodlawn femulating in the 1971 film Women in Revolt.





Source: Daily Look

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  1. Sorry to read of the acid indigestion, tea will do that to ya! Glad to learn you had a good time otherwise!

  2. Afternoon tea, one our (the English) greatest contributions to world civilisation

  3. Congrats on your birthday
    Did you put your pinky up when you drink your cup of tea
    How will you outdo yourself next birthday?
    I have a skirt from GIANI BRIANI THAT is identical to the femulator model, and have a top that completes her look, all I need are the hose
    Completing week 4 of going to work en femme, WE HAVE NOTHING!!!! To fear but fear itself
    I went to 4 networking meet ups this week, everyone was soooo nice & friendly, treated me as a woman, lady, equal, etc.
    Only regret?
    If I can do it, you,we can all do it.
    The important thing to remember is that when you "present" you represent US ALL!
    You show the world who you/we really are. You/we ARE who you,me we ARE!
    Just do it ladies!