Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Has this ever happened to you?


You’re out en femme and another woman reacts negatively (or positively) because you look better than her.

Tell me your story. How did she react? What did she say? (I’m all ears.)






Actor Jim Rash femulates again on television’s Community (2009-2014).





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.


  1. Where didyou get that photo? The brunette looks kind of attractive and almost masculine.

  2. Never been out to give it a chance. But, the other day I went out in front wearing my high black boots over my women's jeans and my neighbor saw them and told me "nice boots!"

  3. I thought ken was the blonde
    Joni, did the neighbor call the cops? The scandal

  4. I don't have one particular story that stands out, as it seems every time the conversations with cis women I have had the chance to gab with always say the same thing. " you look better in a dress then I'd do!" Or the ever popular "I wish I had your hips." This one confuses me, especially coming from a curvy women. I guess the ideal botty shape is fourteen year old boy with butt pads. lol

  5. I've posted on my blog about me riding in a jitney bus in San Francisco, (dolled to the nines) when a man was sitting across from me looking under my skirt and mastrubating himself. Everyone saw him, he was not trying to hide that fact! I noticed him as well and simply smiled, what else could I do?

    A cis-woman said something to me and when I reponded in my untrained voice, she went off on me! She said I was NOT a "real girl" and was just a cross dressing queer (a man-in-a-dress). She actually said it was I who gave "real girls" a bad reputation! She got off the jitney at the next stop after dressing me down.

    When my stop was near I asked the other men if they wanted to join me and one guy said, "No thanks. I don't f..k boys." I raised my eyebrows and shook my head, I said I thought of myself as a girl. Besides, he had no idea what he would be missing, lmao!

    Maybe I do give "real girls" a bad rap but you couldn't prove that by observing them on a typical weekend out. I seriously doubt anything I do warrants a bad rap! IMO they're just more picky! Pregancy and all that.

    A very good question, Stana!

  6. About this time last year, I was shopping at the local Catherine's, looking for an outfit and hat to wear to a Kentucky Derby party. I picked out a dress in my size, asked to use the fitting room, and the manager opened one for me. I exited the room to look at it in the 3 mirrors, and found that the only other customer in the store was trying on the same dress, albeit a couple sizes smaller, and looking at herself in the 3-way mirrors. I complimented her on it and let her know it looked great on her - and she said the same to me. We talked for a couple minutes about what kind of hat, shoes, and purse to wear with it, then we discussed makeup for a bit (I was in full face, she was clearly the "only for a party" no makeup girl). We weren't going to the same Derby parties, so we agree that it would be safe for both of us to buy the same dress. The store manager was quite amused.