Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bedeviled by a Blue Dress


Modern Family is one television show I never miss. It is smart comedy and I much prefer smart comedy to dumb comedy that depends on a laugh-track for laughs.

Anyway, the accompanying image shows beautiful actress Sofia Vergara appearing in the latest episode of the program. I could not take my eyes off the television screen during her brief appearance. I fell in love with the outfit she was wearing. The wrap dress was gorgeous and looked great with her black tights and heels.

Wrap dresses are very flattering on me and I wanted Sofia's wrap dress for myself. But what were the chances of finding it and even if I succeeded, it would probably be a designer dress with a three or four figure price tag.

"Dream on, girl," I though to myself.

I prowled the Internet for awhile trying to find the dress without any success until I image-Googled "sofia vergara blue print wrap dress flutter."

The second image that Google displayed was Sofia modeling that very dress! Turns out that the dress is from the Sofia by Sofia Vergara line of women's clothing and it was for sale in my size. I was so happy with my find that I even sprang for the four-figure price tag ($20.24) and I can expect the dress to arrive from Kmart real soon now.

By the way, after I found the dress online, I found two websites that would have simplified my search: Shop Your TV and Worn On TV. Both websites knew where to find Sofia's dress.

Have fun!





This image seems to depict a variation of a womanless wedding. Usually, males play all the parts including the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girl, and female guests. In this variation, the males only play the female parts and females play the male parts. So this would be more appropriately called a “crossdressing wedding” rather than a womanless wedding. My guess is that it occurred in the mid-1950s, but the location is unknown. The initials “VHHC” painted high on the wall in the background offer the only clue.





Source: Amazon

Wearing Guess.


  1. So nice when things work out. Kmart rocks.

  2. I see why you fell in love with that outfit. I don't watch Modern Family, but that outfit is stunning. Also, that Guess dress is the bomb. Thanks for the links to Shop Your TV and Worn On TV.

  3. I love the show too.... she always has that 'wow' fashion look!..... thanks for the links