Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random Thoughts from True Colors Conference

2014-03-25 Put the Squeem On

I wore my new Squeem Miracle Vest body shaper for the first time on Friday.

The instructions recommend breaking it in gradually by wearing it one hour the first time, two hours the second time, etc.

I was all-in the first time and wore it for over 10 hours!

Unlike other shapewear I have worn in the past, the Squeem was painless. By day’s end, I had some chaffing below my boobs. To prevent chaffing in the future, I have to adjust the shoulder straps so that the vest sits a little lower on my torso.

Except for that operator error, I was completely satisfied with the Squeem. It gave me a nice shapely figure all around and supported my back in such a way that it improved my posture. And it was pain-free!


The first couple of times I staffed my support group's table at the True Colors Conference (2007 and 2009), Diana and I were "the staff" more or less. I don't know if my trans sisters were afraid to be out in public or what, but volunteers to staff the table were hard to come by.

Just as the trans students attending the conference are no longer afraid to attend en femme, things have changed for the better volunteer-wise, too. Now there is an abundance of volunteers --- so many that at times, there are not enough chairs to seat us all, so SRO!

Shut-Up Already

One of the comments I received regarding my presentation is that I should let the attendees speak more.

Throughout my presentation, I announced that if there were any questions, please interrupt me and ask. As a result, there were questions, as well as comments numerous times during my presentation. And I welcomed them because the presentation is for the attendees; their questions and comments fill in things I missed or did not cover thoroughly or at all.

I do not discourage comments and discussions, but perhaps my announcement infers that I am because I only mention questions. So in the future, I will modify my announcement to encourage comments and discussions, as well as questions.





Source: IMDB

Actor Gary Beach (second from left) femulating in the 2005 film The Producers.





Source: ideeli

Wearing Evan Picone.


  1. Ugh!! I feel your pain!!

    I do lots of presentation work (not gender related) and I get the same feedback about participation. I tear my hear out trying to get participation. (I'm not wearing a wig when I present, so tearing hurts more).

    I've paused repeatedly and invited/prompted for questions, done participatory stuff with report out, tried to read body language and include the quiet folks and modulate the talky folks, and you name it.

    I've not used twitter or little pieces of paper on which the quiet folks can ask discrete questions. Doing so may be my next try.


  2. I have done my fair share of presentations and have usually done well with encouraging comments and questions. Often I will encourage interruptions at the outset of my presentation with a quip similar to what I have mofidied for your use during your self introduction..."I had a wonderful mother and I have a wonderful wife and daughter...I also work full time in an office with dozens of other people...I am comfortable and at ease when interrupted and I am quite used to being interruped when I speak. In fact, if I do not get interrupted I start to worry."

  3. Stana, you and the whole conference should be commended for "spreading the word" regardless of the feedback!
    Out here in the "frontier" we are pushing for more of the same. The Trans Ohio group I'm going to present a workshop at this year is very trans man orientated.
    Since there is a very sparse turnout from trans women to explain our differences and needs, we don't have much of an impact-yet.
    The push now is to get Trans Ohio to put together a central "list" of gender study college programs and a list of those who would speak to them.
    It's all possible and beginning to grow!

  4. Not only do I agree with all of the above, but now I'm anxious to find out more about the Squeem Miracle Vest! That's quite the recommendation.

  5. In my squeem I feel absoluetly feminine and my posture is great! My back doesn't bother me at all! I also have no straps so I haven't had my tiny boobs get chaffed. Good recommend for a squeem, Stana.